How to keep your washing machine longer?

How to keep your washing machine longer?

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Because we don't want to go back to the time of the washhouses, we have to admit that the washing machine is a precious tool. Helping all the members of the house, he is often asked daily, but if he takes care of us and our clothes, who takes care of him? However, it is essential if we want to continue using it for many years. Here are 7 tips to avoid rushing your washing machine and avoid premature obsolescence.

Preserve the top of your machine

Unless the latter is built in, the top of the washing machine turns out to be a great worktop whether it is in the kitchen or in the bathroom. However, by dint of considering the top of this machine as a free space, we end up inflicting all kinds of inconvenience and imposing loads that are too heavy or that can scratch. Keep in mind that this surface is part of your washing machine and that by mistreating it, you can put your machine to the test.

Getting your pockets

Among the precautions to be taken before running a machine, it is necessary to check that the pockets of the pants and jackets are empty. There is worse than finding pieces of tissue in the drum of his washing machine, the danger is rather at the level of small coins such as coins, keys or pens. These objects are in fact capable of damaging the washing machine's drum or of getting stuck at the drain.

Respect the dosages

The dosage of detergent can sometimes prove to be a real headache. Depending on the degree of soiling, the amount of laundry and the water temperature, the amount of detergent should vary. In case of overdose, the result is catastrophic: you get clothes that can irritate the skin, you pollute and finally, you can clog the machine and degrade the rinsing performance. Respect the recommendations of the manufacturers and keep in mind that less is always better than too much in this case. Some high-end models today produce automatic dosing of detergent products.

No more dosing, the machine does it for you!

Do not overload the machine

Likewise, excess laundry is a bad habit if you want to keep your washing machine longer. Once wet, the laundry will actually weigh in the machine and cause premature wear of components. How to ensure that the ideal quantity of laundry is respected? You can start by studying the instructions for use of your washing machine and which must indicate the appropriate loads. Another way is to check that your hand can enter the drum without problems once your laundry is placed. If you have to push the laundry to get your hand in, it is probably because the load is too great.

Precautions between each wash

Even when you are not using your washing machine, certain actions can be taken, such as cleaning it, to best preserve the condition of your appliance. It is therefore recommended to switch off your washing machine at the end of the program so as not to prematurely wear out the electronic elements. You can also leave the machine door open so that the air can circulate inside and protect against mold. Sponge the door seals to keep them as long as possible. Finally it is preferable to leave a minimum of two hours between two washing cycles so that the most fragile components have time to cool.

Clean the drum

The heart of the washing machine, the drum is also the most abused part during all washing cycles. Consequently, it is important to regularly give it a little makeover by providing care. Nothing could be simpler since it suffices to launch a cycle at high temperature (85 or 90 ° C) once a month with a liter of white vinegar to find a brand new drum. Cleaners available in stores can also act once a year to remove detergent residues, odors and lime.

Leave the door open after washing, your machine will appreciate.

Monitor the drain filter

The filter in your washing machine is used to prevent all impurities from obstructing your emptying. This filter will therefore collect all the residues and must be cleaned regularly so that it can do its job properly. In general, it is easily accessible using a hatch on the front of your machine. it is then necessary to provide a basin because water will flow at the opening of the hatch. Once the filter is collected, you can remove it from the dirt and pass it under hot water before replacing it in the machine.