Lunar gardening calendar November 2019

Lunar gardening calendar November 2019

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For more than a century, several generations of gardeners and peasants have observed the influence of the moon on the quality of their crops.

By comparing observations and experiments, several principles were highlighted, which made it possible to establish correspondences between the phases of the moon, its trajectory in the sky and the development of plants.

If the most Cartesian gardeners remain skeptical, those who are inspired by moon calendar quickly realize the real benefits of the moon on plants. So what are you waiting for to enjoy this heavenly help ?

Lunar calendar of November 2019: the phases of the moon

Following the lunar calendar for gardening means adapting the gardening work according to the phases of the moon. Each lunar phase influences nature, and this in a different way depending on its cycle.

There are two phases:

  • the rising phase: now is the perfect time to sow, plant or graft. She is also known as ascending moon or crescent moon
  • ldownward phase: also known as waning moonis the perfect time to prune, cut or repot your plants.

In November, if the days get shorter and the cold arrives, gardeners have a lot to do to prepare for spring.

In the vegetable patch as in the ornamental garden, it's time to plant, sow (lamb's lettuce, spinach, winter lettuce, radishes ...) and work the soil by mulching the plots dedicated to root vegetables. And with the help of the moon, these efforts will be rewarded a hundredfold in a few months!

During the first half of November:

  • November 1: the moon is descending
  • November 2 to 15: the moon is rising

During the second half of November:

  • November 16 to 29 (morning): the moon is rising
  • from November 29 (afternoon) to November 30: the moon is descending

Lunar calendar for November 2019: days without gardening

As absurd as it may seem, gardening according to the lunar calendar is also having days when it is really not recommended to garden.

We therefore avoid gardening in his vegetable garden on peak, perigee or lunar node days.

Lunar climax, it is the name which indicates the moment when the moon is furthest from the earth during its rotation. The perigee, it's the opposite: it's the moment when the moon is closest to our planet. Finally, we speak of lunar nodes to designate the moments when the moon crosses the plane of rotation of the earth around the sun. There are two per month.

In November 2019, we do not garden:

  • November 1 after 5.30 p.m. (lunar node)
  • November 7 before 2:40 p.m. (peak)
  • November 16 before 2:45 p.m. (lunar node)
  • November 23 before 1:45 p.m. (perigee)
  • November 29 before 10:20 a.m. (lunar node)

Lunar calendar for November 2019: what to do on which days?

The principle is simple. In the lunar calendar, there are seed / fruit days, leaf days, root days and flower days. By following the lunar calendar, you can identify the type of days and adapt your gardening work accordingly.

  • The root days of November 2019: Monday November 4, Tuesday November 5, Wednesday November 13, Thursday November 14, Friday November 15, Friday November 22, Saturday November 23, Sunday November 24.
  • The leaf days of November 2019: Friday November 8, Saturday November 9, Sunday November 10, Monday November 11, Monday November 18, Wednesday November 27.
  • The flower days of November 2019: Wednesday November 6, Thursday November 7, Saturday November 16, Sunday November 17, Monday November 25, Tuesday November 26.
  • The seeds / fruit days of November 2019: Friday November 1, Saturday November 2, Sunday November 3, Tuesday November 12, Tuesday November 19, Wednesday November 20, Thursday November 21, Thursday November 28, Friday November 29, Saturday November 30.