The 12 advantages of aluminum

The 12 advantages of aluminum

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A big favorite of architects and other contemporary builders, aluminum is clearly increasing in the market for windows, verandas and entry doors. To understand the reasons for its success, we take a look at the advantages of aluminum. Durability, resistance, aesthetics, recycling and (now!) Energy performance: aluminum has it all. Read instead!

1. Foolproof durability

Aluminum is solid! Born to last, it does not rust, does not crack, does not discolour and shows excellent resistance to thermal shock and weathering. With aluminum we can count on the performance of our windows years after their installation. A long-term investment, therefore!

2. Unmatched aesthetics

The delicacy of its profiles, lines and joinery make aluminum an ally of your decor. Terribly aesthetic, aluminum blends with all types of materials (bricks, stones, concrete, etc.) and adapts to all types of decoration. Classic, industrial or minimalist style: nothing can resist it!

3. Optimal brightness

Aluminum is the material that supports the largest glazing. Large sliding windows, tall windows, bright glass roofs and spacious aluminum verandas provide an absolutely incomparable daylight.

4. Thermal comfort

The aluminum window has long had a bad reputation in terms of energy performance ... This was before it was equipped with profiles with thermal break and double glazing with reinforced insulation. Thanks to this shock duo, the aluminum window fully satisfies the thermal regulations in force ... Not even cold!

5. Hell acoustics

Aluminum windows are fitted with suitable glazing which effectively isolates noise. And if you combine the profiles with thermal break with reinforced thermal and acoustic insulation then the little one can continue to listen to metal without disturbing the neighbors…

6. Colors infinitely available

No material offers such a rich palette of colors, material effect and finishes as aluminum. In addition to being resolutely United colors, aluminum joinery, also play the card of bicolouring (a color inside, a color outside) to adapt to the indoor environment as to the environment outside.

7. Flexibility of forms

Aluminum is the ideal ally for made-to-measure. All creations are allowed ranging from the most classic to the most whimsical: bull's-eye, trapeze, triangle…

8. 100% recyclable (and indefinitely!)

Many ignore it and yet aluminum is 100% recyclable (and indefinitely!), Without any degradation of its initial qualities. With a recycling rate of 95% in certain sectors (including construction) and an overhaul that requires only 5% of the energy necessary for the production of primary aluminum, therecycled aluminum benefits sustainable development.

9. Safe for habitat

If aluminum presents a danger of neuro-toxicity when it is cooked in foil (with lemon!), It remains perfectly harmless in doors, windows and verandas ... Free of toxic vapors (even in the event of fire ), aluminum is a model student (proudly labeled A +) with regard to the regulations on Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

10. Energy savings

Thanks to its insulating performance, the aluminum profiles with associated thermal break and glazing with reinforced insulation make it possible to reduce the energy bill and quickly make profitable your windows, doors and / or verandas ... You do not hallucinate: the bill decreases with aluminum!

11. Almost no maintenance

The weekend's chore of sanding and repainting windows is over. With aluminum, a sponge, soapy water, a soft cloth and voila.

12. Eligible for tax benefits

Tax credit of 30%, eco-loan at zero rate, reduced VAT to 5.5% and ANAH aid reduce the bill for your aluminum doors, windows and verandas and give you as many reasons to go up range. Find more information on the Alu Window. In partnership with Architecture & Aluminum