5 decorative items that will make you love fall

5 decorative items that will make you love fall

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A big cocooning plaid

With autumn, the first cold weather arrives, so weekends and others cocooning evenings are becoming more and more frequent… And what could be better than to curl up in a big warm blanket on your sofa or in your bed when the cold is biting outside? So as soon as autumn comes to an end, bring out your plaids: they serve both as decorative elements and are very practical for wrapping yourself in when you are cold.

In terms of materials, opt for models in cotton or wool but quite thick, just to bring warmth. Solid colors such as pastel pink, light gray or white are always on trend. You can also play the card of originality with a tartan plaid - if possible authentic - or even fall for a "chunky" model, made in large wool stitches.

Scented candles

Like our Scandinavian friends, when autumn arrives, light pretty candles in the house in the evening. Emblematic of the phenomenon hygge, the soft light of the candles thus creates a subdued atmosphere, conducive to relaxation.

If you opt for unscented candles, you can light several candles at the same time and place them on a window sill or on a tray in the center of your coffee table.

The scented candles have the advantage of gently embalming your interior. In the fall, choose seasonal scents, such as chopped wood, wood fire, cinnamon, gingerbread, etc. But avoid letting them burn for too long and above all, do not mix the odors.

Light garlands

Like candles, light garlands allow to obtain a dim light in an interior, very pleasant to pass from soft fall evenings. You can use a tavern garland with round bulbs, or play the discreet garland card with very thin LED models.

Hang them on the wall, slip them under transparent bells or arrange them in your plants to have several sources of soft light in your living room or bedroom.

Fake fur

Fake fur is very trendy, and much more fun than real! Cocooning material, we find it a lot in Scandinavian homes where it has no equal to create a cozy decoration
In the living room or next to the bed, install a faux fur rug. To avoid falling into bad taste, choose a small model (60x90cm) in white or gray faux fur.

On the bed or the sofa, the thrown in faux furis a must for fall decoration that will warm your interior. Choose it with details that give the impression that it is real fur: spots, color diversity, abstract shape…

If you do not like too important decorative objects, then prefer to install one or twofaux fur cushions on your sofa, to make it even more cozy. White, pink or brown, these are basics that you will enjoy highlighting every fall!

Wooden decorative items

Walks in the forest, chimney fires… it is sure, wood is one of the materials that we think of most when autumn makes its appearance! It is therefore quite natural that it is part of a fall decoration trend.
Decoration stores do not hesitate to sell wooden planks cut in the round way: you can use them in the center of the table, by placing a nice bouquet of dried flowers or a few candles on them. Or simply use them as decoration, on a sideboard or in a shelf.

In a bathroom or a bedroom, driftwood branches can create a clothes rack. If you live near a forest, you can do the same with large wooden branches strong enough to support the weight of the clothes.

Mix different types of wood with your furniture: a light wooden end of the sofa, a few crates to create wall shelves, wooden stools… In short, bring nature into your interior this fall!