Renovation diagnosis: good advice

Renovation diagnosis: good advice

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Changing windows, building a veranda, cooling an inherited house or creating large bay windows… whatever the nature of your project, a good renovation diagnosis is essential. Before touching the first tool, we give you some keys to get you started as calmly as possible in the adventure of renovation.

Renovation diagnosis: list your priorities

A house is often the investment of a lifetime, hence the importance of choosing the right materials and methods of work when the time for renovation strikes. Before rushing headlong to the first merchant of windows, doors or verandas, it is worth taking the time to think about his project upstream. Listing your priorities helps you refine your project and determine the orientation of the adaptation work to be carried out in relation to the existing one. The priorities to put back in order are: - Energy savings, - Acoustic performance, - Light sources, - Modernization of housing, - Improvement of aesthetics, - Reinforcement of security, - Control of solar gains, - Space saving, - Budget, - Increase in heritage value. It is up to you to prioritize these priorities according to your desires, your budget but also the characteristics of your home (state of the existing, orientation etc.). By clearly prioritizing your expectations, you are able to choose the appropriate work and obtain a final result that meets your expectations.

Use a qualified company

As in medicine, the diagnosis allows you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your home. True health record of the house, it must be carried out by an informed professional. This is even more true at the time of the energy transition which sees numerous commercial offers swarming on the market. Before signing the first contract, make sure of the reliability of the company. To do this, keep in mind that the RGE label is a sign of quality that never fails. Finally, make several quotes. This allows you to compare offers to select the most relevant. Aluminum professionals certified RGE are able to advise you on windows, verandas and / or doors to ask but also to conduct a more global reflection on the state, security and energy performance of your home. You will find the EGR certified companies listed here. After having drawn up a complete inventory of the existing equipment, your expectations and your needs, the RGE certified professional and / or craftsman establishes a precise estimate of the cost of the renovation work to be undertaken, recommendations to the key. Of course, before dreaming of a beautiful renovation worthy of a before / after slideshow of a decoration magazine, it is necessary to anticipate budgetary questions in their entirety. Forget the "we'll see as you go" ... Material, options, installation, masonry work: all the elements must be included in the estimate for your renovation work. Far from being limited to technical recommendations and suggestions on the choice of materials, the advice of the RGE professional extends to the financial and tax assistance to which you are entitled. Tax credit for energy transition, zero-rate eco-loan, VAT reduction, energy premium: as many boost that allow you to renovate your home in the best conditions. Find more information on the Alu Window site In partnership with Architecture & Aluminum


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