Tutorial: making a fake brick fireplace for Christmas

Tutorial: making a fake brick fireplace for Christmas

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I grant you, the story of Santa Claus who brings the gifts by the chimney is not very believable when you live in an apartment without a chimney. But don't panic, I have a perfect tutorial to create a realistic fake fireplace! Besides, this is a very easy tutorial, you can do it with children without any problem. Well, I can not guarantee the soft sound of the crackling flames either, but your tree will be much better next to a fireplace.


- cartons - brick-like tapestry - a pair of scissors - scotch tape - glue

Budget: 30 euros Duration: 30 minutes


1. Start by connecting the boxes together with tape. If you don't have boxes at home, you can buy them for a few euros at office supply stores. In my case I used 5 boxes of 42 x 30 x 25 centimeters.

2. Assemble the cartons to create the shape of the chimney. Use fairly large scotch tape and don't hesitate to put a lot of it to make it solid.

3. Once the chimney has been created, cover it with wallpaper. Personally I simply used a tube of classic glue, it sticks very well on the cardboard, no need for special wallpaper glue. For the greenest among you, it is possible to make your own glue with corn flour, tested and approved!


And now, you now have a pretty fireplace that sits in your living room! Add some Christmas decorations and it will be perfect for placing Christmas gifts. I like the real brick side, but you can also find this type of wallpaper in white, black or gray.

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