The most beautiful shops and workshops, the essentials in France

The most beautiful shops and workshops, the essentials in France

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Are you looking for exceptional furniture, an avant-garde concept store with varied inspirations or a manufacturer of quality furniture? Or maybe you dream of a decorative space with advisers at your disposal or of an online store offering a range ready to satisfy all styles? Expert in furniture design and sale for over a century, Blanchet Dhuismes offers a wide range of services ranging from second-hand furniture to architectural advice for professionals. Blou Mobilier, whose inspirations oscillate between London and Japanese style, works with intuition when it comes to the choice of its furniture and objects. Three shops, three atmospheres, a district for a unique experience. Designer and manufacturer of wooden furniture, Tikamoon offers quality products delivered quickly and without assembly, all at attractive prices. In addition, you can try the furniture for 30 days before you decide! For an unbeatable value for money, go to Meubles Challenger. Decorate every room in your home for a very low price. Tired of browsing the shelves without finding your happiness? delamaison offers a range that is both complete and varied, ranging from rugs to garden furniture to transformable furniture. Shopping without leaving your home is possible!

Delamaison: decor ideas suited to life in the house

Blanchet Dhuismes: a family story

Blou: a concept store with flair

Tikamoon: designer of trendy solid wood furniture

Challenger furniture: the best quality / price ratio for decorating your interior


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