Tips for a bathroom without bad smells

Tips for a bathroom without bad smells

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We can do the cleaning regularly and correctly in the bathroom, sometimes bad smells persist. Unfortunately, there can be several causes for this inconvenience! Wet laundry that has trouble drying between two showers, ventilation problem, clogged pipes or smelly toilets: sometimes, we have the impression that our sanitary and the elements of the bathroom gang up on us! But this is all over soon! Discover all our natural anti-odor remedies and our grandmother's tips to find a pleasant room that breathes fresh and clean!

Simple steps to eliminate odors in the bathroom

The first tip to guarantee a good smell in the bathroom, is probably the most obvious: do the housework regularly, applying to certain areas. Pay special attention to the inside and outside of the toilet or the floor. A touch of mop moistened with black soap liquid or Marseille's soap will sanitize and bring a touch of good smell to your room. But sometimes, despite all our good will to keep our bathroom in good condition, our efforts are in vain. Simply because you have to see beyond the surface. aerate regularly the bathroom will avoid the formation of mold facilitated by humidity. So make a draft! Open the windows, the door, install a extractor air or a purifier. Also remember to wash your towels often: a damp cloth can give off an unpleasant odor. You can also clean your towels and bath mat with baking soda to sanitize tissue. Then remember to regularly remove the hair, hair and soap residue that can be retained in the crowded and the siphon of your sink. Finally, don't let trash pile up in your trash bathroom.

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Beware of surfaces that keep bad odors

Sometimes the household does not offer a satisfactory solution and the bad smells persist. We must therefore think of more radical solutions. Isn't removing hair from the sink enough? A small homemade recipe will help you sanitize the pipes. Pour 3 tablespoons of baking soda, leave to act for 5 to 10 minutes before adding a glass of White vinegar. Leave to stand again for 15 minutes then rinse with hot water. Repeat the operation every 15 days. Also note that the maintenance of your seals is essential. Not only because we prefer white joints to putty blackened by mold! But also because in use, the worn seals become porous and retain the bad smells. If they are too damaged, it is sometimes good to completely change them! If, despite everything, the bad smells in the bathroom remain, you may need to undertake more extensive renovations. For example, change a tiled bathtub to one of other smoother materials, such as fiberglass, acrylic or enameled steel. Another effective solution to consider: replace a floor that is too sensitive to humidity with a more resistant coating, like a vinyl floor for example. An effective and inexpensive solution!

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Deodorize the bathroom with natural products

If you don't want to consider a solution as radical as the work, you can always deodorize your interior, naturally. And yes, no need to fall back on industrial products to bring a pleasant smell in your bathroom. There are indeed several easy recipes to make. Rest assured: we share them with you! The first is to mix three volumes of water with one volume of vodka -Yes, you have read well and 20 drops ofEssential oil lavender or eucalyptus. If the smell of alcohol bothers you, another recipe is possible. Dilute a tablespoon of White vinegar, a teaspoon of baking soda and 10 drops of essential oil in two glasses of water. Whichever solution you choose, pour the mixture into a special bottle and spray into the room where you noticed the bad smells. It is done ? Now take a deep breath and enjoy your bathroom in peace! Hang from eucalyptus in the bathtub or in the shower head will also help you to remove annoying odors. With humidity, the eucalyptus will give off an ideal scent and oil to breathe a good breath of fresh air!

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Citrus: the strength of fruit!

You like them citrus ? U.S. too ! And not only because they provide us with vitamins! They are also part of these natural remedies that will help us clean up the bathroom and remove that musty feeling. true grandmother's tip, theOrange peel can make you breathe again! Place one on the bathroom radiator. As it dries, with heat, it will give off a sweet and tangy fragrance, 100% natural! Second option: the lemon. Lemon juice is already effective in cleaning all the chrome in the bathroom and restoring shine. But combined with baking soda and vinegar, lemon juice is an excellent sanitizer. Mix the lemon juice and the baking soda in equal amounts to obtain a fairly thick mixture, close to the consistency of the pancake batter. Spread it on the surfaces to be cleaned. Leave on for ten to fifteen minutes. After this time, spray the White vinegar above. Don't panic: everything will foam for a while. You can then wipe everything with a clean cloth.

Natural candles: an effective anti-odor

One of the simplest solutions is scented candles. Of course, they will only hide the bad smells combustion time and will not resolve the issue in depth. That said, they will bring Zen atmosphere and will contribute to offer you a moment of well-being! It is still necessary to choose a candle not harmful to health, made from chemicals. Choose a candle soy wax with a natural cotton wick. This being done, also opt for purifying fragrances. The lavender, the lemon or the grapefruit, the eucalyptus or the cinnamon of China are in particular recognized for their virtues which purify the air. Finally, an odor diffuser can also do the trick and bring a touch of good-smelling into your bathroom. Choose a smellEssential oil that suits you and pour a little into the bottom of a bottle. Then let it go: a pleasant scent will diffuse throughout the room thanks to the wooden sticks.

© With all these tips, you are now ready for all the bad smells in the bathroom. Now find the happiness of pampering yourself without covering your nose!


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