10 gift ideas for children to put on the advent calendar

10 gift ideas for children to put on the advent calendar

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Now that you have found the Advent Calendar Template of your dreams, it remains to be seen what you are going to put in it! And don't hide it, this is the longest and most tedious… Our 10 gift ideas to save time and make your children happy!

Small plastic toys

Light and colorful, the small plastic toys will bring a big smile to your child's face. Cars, boats, babies, bracelets, mini-games, mini-balls, mini-jewelry, mini-dinette, there is something for everyone!

Great, the mini green maze!

Small wooden pieces

So that the Christmas spirit blows on your calendar, do not hesitate to also put wooden figurines. To stick on the walls of their room or to collect before Christmas.

Small animals that will please little ones ...

Christmas stickers

Add a Christmas sticker to your calendar every day! A board of 24 stickers is enough, with your scissors!

Ho ho ho, a sticker!

Christmas sweets and chocolates

With candy, lollipops and chocolates, you are sure to please them, so why deprive yourself of them?

Christmas foil or chocolate pieces?

Cutout tattoo boards

If your children love temporary tattoos, you know what you have to do… With just one board, you will have at least 20 days full!

Tattoos to wait for Christmas, and why not?

Christmas tree decorations

The little ones love to receive each morning a small decoration of too cute fir, to go hang directly in the big illuminated tree!

Decorative mini gifts for little ones…

Ink pads

For older children, the ink pads are always as successful. And if they are decorated with Christmas motifs, it's just perfect!

8 stamps: 8 days found!

Marbles for boys and girls

It's official: the marbles are back! With a large package, you just have to slip one a day and voila!

The big return of the balls in the playground

Hair clips for girls

Little girls will be delighted to find in their advent calendar barrettes, scrunchies and pearl bracelets… And pink is even better!

A beautiful DIY idea found on the blog Maman à tout faire

And many more ideas for the advent calendar…

* Wooden beads to put on * Sachets of seeds to plant * Cookie cutters to cook with mom and dad * Ride tickets * "Good for" a cinema, a trip to the theater… * Puzzle pieces ( and at the end, we can put the whole puzzle together) * Coloring pages * Small colored pencils * Funny little erasers ... The good idea: to vary the gifts, do not hesitate to get together with parents and share the gifts… 3 stickers against 3 marbles, 2 barrettes against 2 tattoos etc… Also read: 40 advent calendars to make yourself Advent calendars for adults: 10 last minute ideas or buy an advent calendar online !