Set a chic table for New Years Eve

Set a chic table for New Years Eve

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After Christmas, we are just waiting for one thing: New Year's Eve! But to host a festive parade of delicious food and appetizers, there is nothing like a nicely set table! For you, here are 3 keys to remember so that the last and first meal of the year is the most beautiful.

Textiles to choose

Since the idea is to create elegance and refinement, we decorate the festive table with a delicately embroidered tablecloth, then place mats and a runner running along its entire length. Another solution: you can have several table runners over the entire width of the table. The main thing is to bet on a duo of colors perfect for the holidays, namely: red, white, gold and silver. The decoration is thus harmonious, lightly loaded, just enough. Without forgetting that the towels also follow the color code. Even better, they are displayed on plates or in glasses in the form of elegant folds: swans, flowers, stars…

Choice of dishes

To celebrate the arrival of the new year, you take out your best dishes, unless you prefer to avoid breakage by using disposable plates and glasses. In this case, we banish the white models that accompany summer barbecues! Make way for disposable tableware in a chic version, gold or silver, and champagne flutes with inlaid patterns.

A nicely stocked centerpiece

A festive table is synonymous with a well decorated table. Down with minimalism, here, we don't hesitate to create a particularly garnished centerpiece! On the menu: garlands of pearls, a series of candlesticks, candles, fruit and flower cups ... Everything to welcome the New Year in style.


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