D-23: I prepare Christmas Eve without stress

D-23: I prepare Christmas Eve without stress

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You may feel panic overwhelming you as Christmas approaches when you think about the preparations. Forget the stress and trust us with this special Christmas Eve retroplanning that promises you dream parties. From the list of gifts to the festive outfit through the order at the butcher, we tell you everything but especially when!

Before December 1

To make the children (or even you!) Wait until this date of December 24, we can count on the famous advent calendar. In addition the latter gives you a good count of the days left to organize.

The first week of December

We advise you to start with the decoration because it is not likely to expire and above all it puts you in the mood. So you have to start with the objects you already have such as garlands or Christmas wreaths or think about a brand new one to make the appropriate purchases. If you do not yet have your Christmas tree, you can still make an inventory of the decorations necessary to possibly redo your stock before the Christmas tree is there. Another task that often takes more time than one imagines: the Santa Claus lists. With children, we take the time to write the famous letter because it is a precious moment to share. For adults, we ask around to try to find out who wants what. Do not hesitate to draw up lists (even throughout the year) of gift ideas for your loved ones. You end up getting lost, especially when the family is big!

At the end of the week, the house should look like this (or almost).

The second week of December

It is the decisive week, because that which precedes Christmas. At the end of this week, you will know if you manage to keep to this crazy schedule. Besides, we did not specify it before but it is obvious that these different tasks must be delegated because you will not do it alone (in addition, it is more fun for many). For this strategic week, it is essential to make decisions for the Christmas Eve meal. It is first a question of stopping the theme of your Christmas table and equipping yourself accordingly if you lack elements. To avoid having to run around the shops, we strongly advise you to devote your week to all your purchases, whether table decorations, gifts or packaging. It is also during this week that you can order from your traders for your food because you must already know your menu.

The third week of December

This third week must be methodical because you are in the final stretch. Plan your daily list of actions to update based on your progress or your delay so that you are never taken aback. In the list of your priorities, it is important to finish the gifts but also to wrap them and assign them a label to everyone so as not to be mistaken for the recipient. Also take care of your Christmas outfit and put it aside in your closet with the accessories you want. The next few days are almost exclusively dedicated to preparing the meal, especially if you have decided to prepare certain items yourself such as dessert or even foie gras. Establish a schedule that allows you to cook as much as possible in advance to have peace of mind on D-Day. The day before Christmas Eve, we start by tidying up the whole house and especially the kitchen which will serve as a checkpoint. Try to have a fridge that is not too full so that you can store Christmas Eve food without problems.

Do not forget the bread especially!

On the morning of D-Day, it is time to place the table according to the chosen decoration. we prepare the kitchen to have all the ingredients on hand and we put the drinks cool. Finally, in the afternoon, relax and treat yourself to a hot bath or a good movie to make the most of your evening, which promises to be wonderful. Phew it's Christmas!


* Before December 1: advent calendar * First week of December: inventory of Christmas decorations, purchases of decorative items and the Christmas tree, home decoration and Santa Claus lists * Second week of December: install the tree as soon as possible, theme of the Christmas table, purchase for the Christmas table, purchase of gifts and gift wrapping, stop its Christmas Eve menu and at the end of the week order the desired food (meats, drinks, cakes, etc. .) from its traders. * Third week of December: choose your Christmas Eve outfit, wrap the gifts * December 20: prepare your foie gras. * December 22: prepare your Christmas log. * December 23: clean your kitchen to have the best possible workspace the next day. * On December 24 in the morning: place the New Year's Eve table, prepare the ingredients for last-minute dishes in advance, place the drinks cool, take the order of the bread and the log. * December 24 afternoon: review the order of the house then take the time to relax. A good hot bath is a fair reward compared to the efforts made over the past month.


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