6 tips for a welcoming living room

6 tips for a welcoming living room

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The living room is a place of relaxation and conviviality, where one enjoys welcoming one's friends. So how do you feel good and make it as welcoming as possible? Here are the 6 tips that will help you.

1. The absolute imperative: comfort

This room being what is called the "living room", there is no need to negotiate: you have to feel good and be able to do lots of things. So as long as it is not stiff in uncomfortable armchairs! So place the skewer of cushions, always warm and useful for propping up the back, improvising a pillow or a footrest. Having several dimmed lamps multiplies the cozy and practical corners for reading, tinkering, eating, playing ... Living! Finally, one or two small side tables will allow glass / book / console levers to be placed (strike out unnecessary information) elsewhere than on the ground without risking an accident. A soft carpet ensures life on the ground for your feet, babies, cats, and receives guests in excess. Comfort, we said!

Plaid, cushions, pouffe carpet ... The joyful ingredients of comfort!

2. A personalized lounge

With a few exceptions, the people who come to your home want to see you, have chosen you and will be pleased to be invited into your universe. For a warm atmosphere, do not hesitate to personalize your living room with objects that reflect your history: photos in pretty frames and photo holders, candle holders that awaken your flame, an indoor fountain to express your Zen side, small storage baskets… And if like me you have the impression that your shelves, so full of books, do not leave much room for decoration, think of bookends!

A unit of colors for a wide variety of objects!

3. Your break in style

Personalizing your interior also involves the style breaks you choose: because the total look is pretty, but the mix is ​​sometimes very successful! Whether your sofas and armchairs are well-known, of a large surface or of a great designer, do not hesitate to add your creative touch of salt by mismatching the whole: an armchair which is distinguished from its neighbor and from the sofa if possible with a design, patterns or a very assertive color, is often the most beautiful effect. If your coffee table is a work site palette, why not transform it with a sophisticated lamp? You understood, the mixture of genres reveals your taste, your personality, and if that is not warm, we make our apron!

A mustard armchair in a predominantly blue universe

4. "Rather", the asset for mixing genres

It is not because we praise the mixture of genres that there is no risk of introducing killers into your home (understand: objects that exterminate each other). Such an adorable little vase found in a garage sale, for example, can take a gnangnan air on your pedestal table So which guide to give to keep a course within diversity? This is the magic word: "rather". Do we want a more contemporary, more designer, more Zen, more Baroque (translate: busy), more cottage, more romantic, more industrial? These names help to fit in while keeping a lot of flexibility.

5. Materials, materials and colors

Once your choice "rather" defined, it is through the repetition of materials, materials, that will constitute a unity and the visibility of your decor. Do you like the shine of stainless steel, aluminum, glass, glass, the warmer combination of wood and black metal, or the combination of leather and wood? These are the lines of force that structure the room visually. As for colors, they play a decisive role in unifying the overall vision. We love them all, but it is better to limit ourselves to a small number, one on the major mode and two or three in minor which are inscribed on this backdrop. Like a painter with his canvas, take care of the composition of your room.

A living room full of energy with vibrant primary colors

6. The composition

Even if we are not in Zen minimalism, the living room should not appear overloaded. Because a welcoming space is also a place where the eye can rest, see what there is to see and where the whole body can move without fear of hitting a piece of furniture or making a trinket tremble. The composition therefore goes through an alternation of full and empty! For example: if you have a lot of plants, do not use them to fill each empty space but on the contrary bring them together by arranging them on several levels to form a beautiful island of greenery. Proceed in the same way with tables, images, photos, group them on one or two sections of walls, or even complete walls, playing on the heights, sizes, shapes, materials, colors of the frames. And leave absolutely blank spaces to rest your gaze and structure the space!


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