What canopy to install in a bathroom?

What canopy to install in a bathroom?

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Why install a glass roof in your bathroom?

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Do you want to remodel your interior and you are unsure of how you will be able to partition your rooms, and in particular your bathroom? Canopies provide an optimal solution! More than a simple interior glazing, the glass roof offers many advantages when it comes to transforming the spaces of the house and bringing them a trendy touch, worthy of architect houses. From a design point of view, it guarantees a workshop spirit that brings character and a certain authenticity to the place. But it can also be very practical to ensure the brightness in certain rooms that do not have it at the start. Take a dimly lit windowless bathroom. If you can remove a partition and install a canopy instead, you will gain maximum lighting, natural or not. Another detail worth knowing: by opening the room with a glass roof, you will also bring a touch of ventilation. A useful solution if your bathroom does not have a real window or an efficient ventilation system. Integrating a glass roof in the bathroom also means giving yourself an impression of space, especially in small bathrooms. It gives the feeling of extending the pieces. If you are planning work in your apartment and want a bathroom open to the bedroom, the glass roof is ideal for creating a master bedroom. It delimits spaces while extending vanishing points. A clever bias for small areas lacking a few square meters! Whether you have a walk-in shower or a bathtub, installing a canopy in the bathroom can be used as a light separation. A real alternative to closed partitions. The bathroom then turns into a real cocoon that fits perfectly into the sleeping area.

How to choose the glass roof in the bathroom

There are two main families of indoor canopies : the "loft" model with its wooded frames, and the Haussmannian spirit that echoes the architecture of Parisian factories in the 19th. One brings a warm aspect to our interior and the other offers a more industrial silhouette. However, the second solution is the most recommended forbathroom layout. Choose a glass roof steel or in powder coated steel. They will be more resistant to humidity and splashing water, and will allow you to keep your room in better condition, longer. If you fall for amounts in wood, make sure your canopy is not in direct contact with water. Choose a water-repellent structure, and treat the wood correctly, with an adequate varnish and paint. Side glazing, there are also two schools here: total transparency, or a more opaque rendering - a clever alternative to keep a certain intimacy in the bathroom, while retaining some light. Depending on the needs, the canopies are available with hinged or sliding doors or opening frames. These arrangements allow the rooms to communicate in different ways. True more: the canopies adapt to your space because they are designed as well in kit than tailored.

How to install a canopy?

You would think that planning the renovation orarrangement of a glass roof in the bathroom is complicated. However, here are some key steps to succeed in the work and to partition your space as well as possible. First of all, make sure that the wall and the ceiling are straight and that the installation does not break the electrical circuit - in which case it will be necessary to envisage a deviation for your switches and sockets. Once these precautions are taken, it’s off for the big transformation ! If you opt for "homemade" work, it is imperative to bringspecific tools for cutting the wall and laying itself. Also plan to get help from several goodwill friends! A successful site is a well prepared site. Take a tarpaulin, a wall saw, screws, plaster and anti-corrosion varnish. Once the surfaces protected and the wall section cut, clean and smooth the installation area before it receives the canopy. The latter will be covered with a protective varnish before being screwed to the four corners of the wall. Last but not least: enjoy ! Bubble bath or powerful water jet in a bathroom with shower, bask in this new space just for you, entirely dedicated to your well-being!

Fit out a glass roof: what budget?

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In terms of time, the work depends above all on the workforce you have. If you are a DIY expert and you feel strong enough to get started on your own, don't worry! Know that it is possible to assemble your canopy yourself, in just a few days. Remember to get help from a few good friends with muscles! If you are rather cautious when faced with the work to be done: don't panic! You can always delegate the site and call on a professional. Also count several days of work, depending on the nature of the site. Then plan a visit so that the team that will carry out the works get a clear idea of ​​the extent of the renovation. Finally, question budget, it all depends on the size of the canopy you want to install. The grade will vary completely, depending on your choices. If you only need a canopy the size of a small window, up to dimensions of 90 x 250 cm, plan at least 200 euros. A large canopy, will cost you around 1,500 euros. Many models are available in DIY stores, but also from companies - the latter offer more choices in terms of finishes. They adapt to your project to offer you a result tailored. Industrial style or warm decorative element, for a small wallet or larger budget: you will understand, the canopies always find a place of choice to enhance our interiors. Now that you have all the keys in hand to design your bathroom in a modern way: get started! We can't wait to see your achievements!