8 Christmas gift ideas to treat yourself to friends

8 Christmas gift ideas to treat yourself to friends

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1. A world map to scratch

You have a globetrotter friend and you want to find a gift that will honor his passion for travel? Here is the Christmas gift idea he needs: a beautiful world map to hang! But beware, this map is a bit special: with each new country visited, your friend will be able to scratch the corresponding location, which will reveal the country in a colored version. For sizes and colors, you will be spoiled for choice and more!

2. A set of original kitchen utensils

Do you have someone in your circle of friends who likes to simmer good meals and who also has a rather original personality? Rather than buying him a classic set of steel or copper utensils, you can do something unusual by offering him colorful plastic kitchen utensils! You can also find utensils on the net in LOL mode, such as skimmers with the image of the Loch Ness monster or other: let your imagination run wild!

3. A mug with a funny inscription

If you have a small budget for Christmas and still want to mark the occasion with a nice gift, the registration mugs are there to help you! Quirky and funny, you will inevitably find one that will match the personality of your friends; whether to highlight their qualities ... but also to put their finger on their little faults in a fun way!

4. A sushi pan

If you have a bento addict around you, the rice ball mold is an original Christmas gift idea that will hit home! Correctly equipped, your friend will be able to make superb maki, delicious sushi or even appetizer bites to delight those around him. And with a little luck, you will be invited to test!

5. An oenology internship

Do you have a couple of friends who are fans of good bottles and great vintages? Make them happy by offering them an oenology internship. Led by a professional sommelier who will explain the basics of his discipline, they can, in addition to learning a lot of useful things, taste excellent wines chosen with care. It's still better than offering them a chosen bottle at the supermarket…

6. A vintage jewelry box

If you have a friend who loves jewelry and has so much that she no longer knows where to put it, here is the ideal gift: a vintage-inspired jewelry box, equipped with drawers in which your friend can slip her rings, bracelets, necklaces and other earrings without risking losing them. To be stored on a chest of drawers or a console to decorate it with its pretty look!

7. An original bottle opener

Do you have a beer lover around you and want to please them with a little wink gift? Offer him an original bottle opener, which does not fit in a kitchen drawer but which hangs on the wall, like in bars! An ideal Christmas gift idea for people who tend to lose their bottle opener every evening…

8. A mini popcorn machine

Do you love to organize cinema evenings with your friends? Kill two birds with one stone and give one of them a small popcorn machine to install in the kitchen. With this device, you no longer need pans or other utensils, and you can enjoy a popcorn worthy of the cinema… yum!