Where to install a TV in the living room?

Where to install a TV in the living room?

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TV is the funny friend: we spend lots of good times with her, but when we watch it we say that she is not very pretty. In short, we love it as much as it disturbs us, ungrateful as we are, and the question of its location is not without that of its integration into the environment. Where do we put it, how? Here are some ideas.

Television, where in the living room?

Yes, we want everything to be pretty, even this screen a little ufo in our decor. But as we are not going to make a stiff neck, we can take advantage of some advice: in front of the sofa it is clearly more practical, without reflection of the sun it is less crisp, at the right height and with a good size to size ratio. screen / distance ... With this information you are shielded to address the other question: how to make this TV is not the star of your living room?

Make TV disappear

No, we didn't invite David Coperfield, but we don't need a mullet cut to get on with our ideas! To hide the television from view, sliding panels are a serious option. They hide both the screen and the internet box, the DVD player, the cables and remote controls… Efficient. I am quite a fan of the trunk that can be opened and closed at will, provided that it is not messy (and that you use the trunk as yet another storage compartment). Another solution, which departs a little from the subject, is of course the video projector. A white wall or a canvas to hang, and off you go for the home theater!

Integrated and 100% invisible TV

Choose a tone-on-tone TV

In chameleon mode, television can also blend into the background: a black television borders on the invisible in a library of the same color. In the same way, a white post will integrate much more easily with a white wall. The furniture and the wall that will welcome your screen are fundamental elements to integrate your television, and the ideal is of course to think these 3 elements at the same time! It is also possible to opt for a homemade creation and to make a television frame. You will be able to choose the color that best suits you, not to mention the pride of a personal and tailor-made creation ... The solutions are sometimes very simple!

An elegant setting for a well-integrated TV

This painting ? It's TV!

Television takes up all the more space and attracts attention if it is surrounded by a collection of DVDs, speakers, game consoles ... The trick to blend television into the decor is therefore to get it out of this environment and consider it with the eye of the decor: by associating it with frames of the same shade and different sizes, for example. So the TV incorporates a mosaic, pretty since you chose it, and you can even save a wallpaper in harmony with your photos and posters. There are also layers to stick on the screens, so that once they are off, they reproduce the effects of lights and mirror reflections.

Alternative? Let TV be forgotten in favor of an imposing work of art!

Built-in TV

The idea is to integrate television into a larger "whole". In a box in the library, in the hearth of the fireplace, in a recess in the room ... So it is no longer an object in its own right, it is part of a whole that you can arrange to your liking.

TV fits perfectly in the middle of hanging shelves here at Ikea

Show to make people forget

How many times do we not see what is right before our eyes? Visible like the nose in the middle of the figure, certain objects are forgotten without hiding: matching the style of your apartment, your screen can sit enthroned in front of the sofa without attracting any attention. Simply because it participates in the decoration! How would you like a CRT TV in your vintage decor? Or a lacquered frame TV in a pop atmosphere?

When TV becomes decoration!


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