Before / after: a revamped, green and refined cuisine!

Before / after: a revamped, green and refined cuisine!

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Carole and Robin, owners of the ground floor and very recent buyers of the first floor of a Parisian mansion, wanted to take advantage of the work to connect the two floors to renovate their kitchen. They called on the architectural house "Les ateliers de Tristan et Sagitta" to transform it into an open kitchen. Their objective ? To make invisible the essentials of the kitchen: the oven and the refrigerator. Front kitchen: 210 x 270 cm. Kitchen after: 380 x 280 cm. Budget: 13,000 € HT without appliances. Agency: The workshops of Tristan and Sagitta.

Before: a kitchen that needs a little makeover

The happy owners of the ground floor of a Parisian mansion, located in the 18th arrondissement, bought the first floor to furnish their children's rooms. In this context, major renovations were carried out in other rooms of the house, such as the kitchen. It is 2.10 m by 2.70 m. A significant space in Paris but the kitchen needs a little makeover. On the floor, the white tiles are dated. Above all, the white tiles, light wood furniture and black credenza tiles are not very harmonious. The room is closed, yet the owners dream of a kitchen open to their living space. On the other hand, the kitchen benefits from a beautiful light thanks to a large French window with opaque windows. A considerable advantage when you know that it overlooks a small garden which Carole and Robin benefit from.

BEFORE: although bright, the kitchen lacks character.

Create a kitchen open to the living room

The kitchen has undergone a complete makeover. Open plan, it now overlooks the living room. The space is delimited not by a bar as is often seen, but by a sharp contrast of colors on the ground. The living room, in parquet, gives way to a stained concrete floor which delimits the kitchen area. At this border also stops the molded ceiling of the living room. The kitchen is very refined. From the living room, the visitor only distinguishes a table for four people, in white and light wood, which recalls the Swedish style with its simple lines. In the background, the kitchen furniture is reduced to a minimum: two hanging cupboards, one of which serves as a hood, and a long, low cabinet that accommodates a sink, hobs and a worktop. Where did the oven and fridge go?

AFTER: a kitchen open to the living room and elegant in its sobriety.

The kitchen revamped with an emerald green

The first thing you notice in this kitchen is of course its green color from floor to ceiling! A daring bias, first because green is not a color often used in kitchens, then because the same color for the floor, the walls and the ceiling could give an oppressive result! Obviously, it is not, quite the contrary. The emerald green, obtained from a mixture of paintings produced by Les ateliers de Tristan and Sagitta, a deep and exotic green, creates a rich atmosphere in this space in which the visitor can only dive, in complete immersion! If the contrast with the living room is striking, the green remains a link between the two spaces. Recreating a "natural" spirit, it echoes the wood of the parquet and that of the kitchen furniture. It is also an extension of the garden, which can be seen from the living room and kitchen windows.

The green of the kitchen immerses the Parisian apartment in a natural, soothing and harmonious spirit.

Practical but discreet cuisine: make way for aesthetics

This kitchen is definitely full of surprises. It is in the right part, which one confuses with a wall, that the household appliances is. Oven and fridge are hidden behind white doors that you don't see as such at first glance. A clever sleight of hand that allows you to contemplate the purest cuisine from the living room. The kitchen, designed to measure, was built by Cardew-Bonniot carpenters with noble materials. The worktop is made of solid oak with a thickness of 4 cm, which makes it an excellent cutting board! Indeed, it is possible to cut and cook directly on it, as on a butcher's table. The cupboards are made of birch plywood with an ultra-matt white laminate, a very resistant wood. The whole kitchen radiates a great serenity, which only gives one desire: to prepare excellent small dishes to delight the whole family!

Hidden behind white doors, household appliances go unnoticed!