8 essential items to master the art of the table

8 essential items to master the art of the table

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Hosting for the holidays is always a pleasure. This year again, live up to your reputation by setting up a chic and friendly table that will make an impression. Your guests expect nothing less from you!

Set of 6 silver plates, € 40.99 *, Paris Price

"We eat with the eyes first": this adage will serve as a guide for a successful table decoration. Are you dreaming of a chic and friendly New Year's Eve? Bet on flat plates with silver reflections: guaranteed success!

Lot 4 forks, € 4.19 *, Secret de Gourmet

Mastering the art of the table is not as difficult as it seems! You just have to opt for timeless classics, like these stainless steel forks with contemporary design. Sober and elegant, they are the ultimate chic accessory.

Lot 6 wine glasses, € 46.22 *, Absolument Design

No successful New Year's Eve without a great wine! Choose it carefully, based on your party menu. And serve it in beautiful glasses with harmonious lines. Your guests will remember your chic and friendly table for a long time.

Polyester Jacquard tablecloth, € 38.25 *, Linnea

The invitations are launched, now make preparations! Your New Year's Eve table will be the most beautiful of all, thanks to this pretty tablecloth with flaking patterns. Her little extra? Pearl reflections that make all the difference…

Designer water pitcher, € 56.64 *, Wadiga

Setting a beautiful table to receive your guests means taking care of every detail. Starting with the water pitcher, which must be modern and elegant! Remember that it is these little touches that distinguish a large table.

Stainless sauce boat, € 19.94 *, Wadiga

On New Years Eve, the roasted turkey does not sulk when it is sprinkled with a delicately scented sauce. For a chic table and a retro touch, bet on this beautiful sauceboat with rounded lines. And let its outdated charm work!

Set of 6 cups, € 27.99 *, Wadiga

At dessert time, your New Year's Eve table delights gourmets. What surprise do these pretty black cups hold for them? Let's bet on a fruity dessert topped with caramel! Once again, gluttony will be in the spotlight.

Set of 2 ice cream bowls, € 9.99 *, Paris Price

A delicious sorbet can never be refused! To combine the pleasure of the eyes with that of the taste buds, serve your ice cream in these elegant glass bowls, with refined charm. Entertaining for the holidays is an art, and you master it perfectly! To discover all of our tableware selection, it's there! img id = "250354" / Price found on the site on 12/22/2017, subject to change based on commercial offers.


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