Which collections for my bullet journal?

Which collections for my bullet journal?

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It's been over a year since I adopted the bullet journal or bujo system. As a reminder, this is a tailor-made agenda, which can be personalized with objectives and lists. Above all intended to improve our daily lives, it can also be seen as a space for artistic creation. No bullet journal is the same, but all have common points, notably the collections. Collections are defined as lists of elements linked together by the same theme. There is no shortage of collection ideas, but after this year spent with my bujo, here are the ones that I consider to be the most useful.

Gift ideas

With Christmas approaching, this question of gifts will certainly speak to you. Apart from the children who have their own list, I always had a hard time finding gift ideas for adults. Often it ended up visiting several stores hoping that objects would become obvious to such and such a person. We can't say it hit the bull's eye every time. So, I wasted time (looking), money (buying anything) and I was not necessarily happy. With the collection of gift ideas in my bullet journal, the satisfaction rate with my Christmas or birthday gifts has greatly improved. I have a double page in my notebook in which I write down all the people to whom I will certainly give a gift this year. Then I just have to write a gift idea when I think about it, and it's not necessarily a week before Christmas. It could be a TV show dealing with a particular book and for which I will immediately think “Well, that would please…”. And then we generally forget this idea a few days later. With the collection, I note it immediately then I only have to refer to it at the appropriate time. An essential when you want to please! The same kind of collections : anniversary dates, home shopping, restaurants to test, recipes to try.

Still in my purse, I always know what to answer when asked where to eat.


Here is another collection that seemed obvious to me as soon as I started to embark on the adventure of the bullet journal. A big fan of readings, it was mandatory that one or more collections be devoted to this activity. I have two collections which I keep religiously up to date: on the one hand the books read and on the other the books to read. For the books read, I took care to note the date on which I started reading then I assign a note according to the pleasure which I took to read such or such work. This information, although fairly brief, is ultimately sufficient for me to keep a fairly fresh record of my readings. At the end of the year, it is astonishing to discover this extensive list which retraces his journey as a reader. I have less of the impression of “consuming” the book and I like the idea that there remains a proof of these readings. The other collection, those of books to read (or PAL as some call it), sets the stage for future readings. I write down all the books that I would like thanks to recommendations for example. I highlight those that I have actually acquired, which allows me not to give in to the temptation to buy when several books are already waiting for me. The same kind of collections : the movies to watch, the series to watch, the discs to listen to, the podcasts to listen to, the menus of the week, etc.

The bullet journal is an opportunity to (re) start drawing.

Summary of the month

In this collection, it is not a question of preparing for the future but of taking the time to take stock of the past month for a better analysis. I mainly note the good news and the key moments. This way of proceeding has several objectives: on the one hand, this assessment serves as a memory aid and a single page is enough to find the essentials for a month. I also know that bullets from previous years will be kept preciously because if they are not as sentimental as diaries, they nevertheless record a large part of our memories. The other objective of this assessment is satisfaction. Discovering that every month, I lived out I was going to add a final objective with motivation but in reality, I abandoned the idea of ​​being in a “critique” of my actions. Far from motivating me, the idea of ​​noting what could have been better makes me feel guilty without making me move forward. The same kind of collections : quotes that speak to me, extracts from favorite books, travel or vacation reports.

And the tracers?

Tracers (or trackers) are collections that are regularly offered for the bullet journal. These are collections that allow monitoring for a particular challenge. Depending on your objective (drink more water, follow a sports training, clean your house, etc.), the tracer will keep written proof of what has been done, or not. This monitoring system is successful for some: it requires motivation, keeping a constant and trying to recover in the event of abandonment for a few days. Having tried the experiment, I realized that this kind of collections was rather guilty and stressful for me while I normally take pleasure in consulting my bullet journal. So I prefer to leave the tracers to others and focus on the assessments, for a more beneficial effect. The same kind of collections : meditation monitoring, sleep monitoring, learning a musical instrument, reasoned purchases, the number of steps during the day.

My manga list: proof that all subjects can be tackled And for those who do not have inspiration for the collections, the Chêne editions offer thematic Bullet Times (for the moment travel and cooking). Then just let yourself be guided.