How to choose the color of your front door

How to choose the color of your front door

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"You never have a second chance to make a good first impression." Each person invited to come to us must first go through the front door and the latter can actually say a lot about its owners. This is why it is important to take care of your front door, not to neglect it and, of course, to choose it without haste. Its color is also essential and it symbolizes the starting point of all your decoration: better to think about it! What are the elements to take into account? How can the color of our front door betray our feelings? We tell you everything.

The color of the front door: restrictions

Before taking out pots and rolls, some precautions should be taken. The first of these is check that the chosen color is accepted by your town hall . Some cities do impose rules regarding the exterior facade of houses. It is therefore advisable to inquire beforehand at the town hall. If your house belongs to a classified area, the restrictions on colors and materials will be even more extensive and it will then be necessary to obtain information from the Architectes Bâtiments de France. Failure to comply with these rules could lead to a forced and costly return, it is better to do your work knowingly. Another important precaution:preferably respect the same color between exterior shutters and entry door . It is before a question of harmony which avoids any decorative misstep. We therefore choose the same color but we can use a lighter shade for the shutters so that the eye focuses first on the door. This precaution, or rather recommendation, is not categorical. The choice of a different color between shutters and door is quite possible but the harmony will be more complex to achieve. To be reserved instead for color specialists!

The olive color of the door responds gently to the brick wall.

What feelings are hidden behind your front door?

Choose a yellow entry door. The yellow front door is a joyful invitation. The yellow symbolizing energy, cheerfulness and warmth, she immediately warns that behind the door hides a lively family. The best associations? Yellow door with black, gray or blue exterior. Choose a red front door. A warm and lively color, red also symbolizes love. Displaying a red door shows that you are not afraid to reveal your feelings. The best associations? Red door with gray, blue or green exterior. Choose a green front door. This soothing color is well suited for front doors which can even play camouflage if a garden precedes them. The green front door immediately announces that good vibes and kindness pass through your house. The best associations? Green door with gray, yellow or blue exterior. Choose a blue front door. Fresh air is blowing on your home with a blue painted front door. Invigorating and surprising, the blue front door is an invitation to travel and adventure. The best associations? Blue door with blue, brown or gray exterior. Choose a black front door. Not necessarily gloomy, the black front door puts more on the classic, on a shared and accepted taste. Even if there is no risk taking, the black front door is the assurance of elegance. The best combinations are black doors with a white, gray or blue exterior. Choose a purple front door. With the purple front door, you immediately announce that you like originality. You can't stand boredom and this purple front door can also be seen as an alarm signal for your guests. The best associations? Purple door with a green, brown or black exterior.

The blue door announces a whirlwind of life in this house

Before painting your front door

When you have chosen a specific color, you must still pay attention to some details. Beware of the changing light throughout the day: a color may seem ideal in the shade but much too aggressive when the sun comes directly on it. Check the exposure of your front door beforehand: is it continuously shaded? What type of light does the sun bring in the morning? etc. To be sure, you can use a paint sample that you submit at different times of the day (or depending on the weather). Finally, it is worth dwelling on the paint type used in case of renovation. Obviously, choose a paint that is suitable for outdoor use. The finish is also essential. It is generally advisable to opt for a mat or satin finish because small imperfections (existing because the door is exposed to external aggressions) are then less visible.


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