How to optimize the space under the bed?

How to optimize the space under the bed?

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When there is a lack of storage in the house, and especially in the bedroom, the ideal is to use the space under the bed, between the box spring and the floor, to store bulky or little used things. But beware, the idea is not to stuff everything in bulk, or to mix clothes, books and DIY materials indiscriminately! A good organization will not only allow you to save space in your cupboards and closets, but also to purify your living space by leaving only the essentials in view. If the storage spaces are well thought out and adapted to your needs, they will be invisible and will integrate perfectly into your decor!

Choose a bed with integrated storage

For children's or adults' rooms, more and more bed models include storage space. Often a little more massive in appearance, they have the advantage of camouflaging spacious drawers or boxes that blend perfectly with the design of the furniture. Some have places at the end of the bed or at the head of the bed for ordering books and personal items, others have drawers under the box spring for storing household linen, clothes, shoes or even sporting goods. Before setting your sights on such a bed, take good measures of the room to be sure that the drawers can be opened fully. Otherwise, know that there are beds with a chest which is accessed by lifting the box spring. The advantage is that the space freed up is large and can accommodate quilts and pillows without problem. Be careful, however, to store only seasonal items (blankets, clothing, ski equipment) and not the items you may need daily, since the bed must be unmade and the box spring moved each time.

Invisible storage under the bed is ideal!

Organize storage under a standard bed

You do not want to replace your bed or the configuration of the room does not allow you to opt for a bed with integrated storage? No problem, there are plenty of other simple and inexpensive ways to optimize the space under the bed, with basic or even recycling containers! To find the most suitable solution, you just need to assess the space you have around the bed to "take out" what is stored below. If the bed is placed against a wall, you will only operate on one side, unless you store the things you use less often. If the bed has a central position in the bedroom, both sides are accessible and can be used. If the bed is too low to use the underside, do not hesitate to raise it with footboards! There are all types to match the style of your bedroom. Feet 16 to 20 cm high leave enough space under the bed to insert most standard containers. Think about it if you want to use crates or baskets already in your possession, or when choosing new ones!

A tidy room is good for morale!

Different practical containers to slide under the bed

*Plastic boxes : Generally transparent, the plastic storage boxes are perfect under the bed. Choose them on casters for easier handling, and with a lid to protect their contents from dust. Do not hesitate to label them to know at a glance what they contain. In the children's room, they will advantageously replace a toy or lint box; in the parents' room, you can put linens, off-season clothes or even fabric coupons. *Baskets : For a country or romantic atmosphere, wicker or rattan baskets will be perfect. Natural or painted, they can remain visible if they harmonize with the rest of the decor. Only imperative if they do not have covers, do not overfill them to prevent them from overflowing and giving the impression of clutter. *Cardboard boxes : Strong cardboard storage boxes can also be used. They will be perfect for shoes, DIY materials or accessories. To give an impression of order, think only of using boxes of the same size. In a child's room or a teenager's room, you can even indulge in fantasy with patterned or colored boxes that will bring a cheerful note to the decor. *crates : Whether new or salvaged, in wood or plastic, crates are always useful! Choose them not too high and store everything that clogs the room and is used only rarely: DIY materials, seasonal shoes, sports accessories, outdoor games ... Just remember not to overfill them for take it out of their housing without difficulty, and avoid storing fragile linen or things that fear dust or humidity since they are not closable or waterproof. *Reclaimed wood crates : Do you know where to find beautiful solid wood cases, wine cases or vintage lockers? Do not hesitate to transform them into storage drawers under your bed! Solid and decorative, they will easily find their place in the bedroom. If they are not too high, you can fix them on small casters to facilitate their movement. They will be perfect for storing books, papers, sewing materials or board games! You can even personalize them by painting them or by covering them with paper or masking tape decorations. *bags : You could never bring yourself to separate yourself from grandpa's leather suitcases, certainly very pretty but heavy and supplanted for a long time by a practical cabin suitcase on wheels? It's time to get them out of the attic! Dedicated, they will welcome your clothes and your linens and will cleverly slip under the bed. If you don't have family luggage, you can always hunt for beautiful vintage suitcases or find metal canteens on a flea market. *Soft vacuum bags : If your problem, it's not so much to pack lots of little things as to store bulky things, quilts, coats, ski suits etc. it may make more sense to invest in storage covers. Once your bulky textiles have been compacted and placed in a vacuum, you can easily slide them under the bed for an impressive saving of space. Free from this volume, your cupboards will only be dedicated to linen and seasonal clothes.

Old suitcases are an original alternative for storing under the bed

Hidden storage for a faultless decor

You can choose to leave your belongings in view under the bed in drawers, boxes, covers or suitcases, especially if these containers match your decor. But if you are a fan of a sharper and minimal interior, you will probably prefer that this storage space remains hidden. Why not opt ​​for bed linen falling on the floor? The sides will advantageously conceal the underside of the box spring. For the same reasons you can install a boxspring to match your sheets or your bedspread. There are different types: ruffled for a refined, discreet and minimal boudoir effect, with knots etc. Combine it with the style of your bedroom, it will camouflage in style whatever you want to hide!

A box spring over the storage space and voila!