Before / after: a kitchen that extends ... the dressing room!

Before / after: a kitchen that extends ... the dressing room!

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The big challenge of small apartments is often to find space without pushing the walls, to store a maximum of business, and this as discreetly as possible. This was the case of this owner who had just acquired a nice 35m2 apartment in Montmartre. He brought in interior designer Jean-Pierre Fuda to arrange it and create a large dressing room so that he could store his many suits and shirts. The originality of this large dressing room is to be found in the extension of the kitchen, with which it fits perfectly well. Area: 35 m2. Budget: € 25,000 including tax, excluding fees. Agency: Jean-Pierre Fuda.

Before, an apartment that lacked space

This small apartment is full of charm with its beautiful parquet floor, its white walls and this central post which gives an industrial character to the room. However, in 35 m2, space quickly runs out. Especially since the kitchen and its bar, very present in the studio, do not leave much space in the lounge area. The solution chosen by the architect was radical. And the implementation was done in two stages. The first step was to modify the kitchen space as seen in the photos to open it up as much as possible and encourage circulation. Starting with removing the partition on which the kitchen elements were based. The beautiful cement tiles on the ground have been preserved, and the holes caused by the work filled in to keep this pretty floor. The second step was to build a large dressing room against the yellow wall to house all of the owner's belongings.

BEFORE: a dark and crowded apartment.

A giant dressing room to optimize storage in the apartment

In a loft spirit, the project manager made the bet of decompartmentalize the premises so that the different functions can be confused in a large living space. The common thread running through the project was the creation of this superb dressing room which sets the tone for the new decoration. This is why there was no question of buying a classic walk-in wardrobe: to be discreet and refined, it had to be original. Jean-Pierre Fuda has therefore designed a large white piece of furniture that spans the entire wall and camouflages its irregularities. Textured like a beautiful piece of jewelry, like a diamond, its doors have facets that reflect the light and catch the eye. A very large diamond therefore, and yet very discreet.

AFTER: a large, very original and bright dressing room.

The fitted kitchen as an extension of the dressing room

Another originality of the project: the facade of the dressing room has been extended in the kitchen, where it becomes a pretty splashback. The facets here are available in aluminum sheet panels folded using a digital milling machine and mounted on MDF panels. Nice decorative detail, even the handles take up the motif of the facets of the wardrobe. A beautiful idea which reinforces the impression of unity of this large living space. 35 m2 requires, to gain storage and conviviality, ingenious solutions have been implemented in a two-in-one spirit: the kitchen worktop extends and becomes a bar, the coffee table turns into a high table for dinner, and the sofa bed turns into a bed. Thanks to the decompartmentalization, circulation in the room is done with more fluidity, ease, especially around the central post which has been preserved.

The kitchen fits perfectly into the new decoration.

A renovated and friendly kitchen, even in a small space

Who says little kitchen says storage optimization and each square meter. To better integrate it with the rest of the apartment, the architect and the owner have bet on noble and chic materials: white baking sheets from the Whirlpool brand, a very beautiful decorative hood island of the Roblin brand and a large bamboo worktop to cook with a certain ease. The high stools also accentuate the warmth of the room and invite you to have a quiet chat around the preparation of the meal.

Clean and airy, this small apartment is cozy.