10 good resolutions for children's room (s)

10 good resolutions for children's room (s)

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This year, we want happy children who finally play in their bedroom! To help our kids to take possession of their universe in every corner, it is decided, we created a room perfectly suited to their size and their age. And with these 10 good resolutions, it's child's play!

1. We put away!

Even yesterday, baby slept with closed fists in his perfectly tidy room ... but today he has knocked over his whole box of toys, tomorrow he will invite his friends and his room will always look like a shambles! To stop walking on a toy in the middle of the night (ouch!) And avoid overstimulating loulou, it's time to put away! So it's decided, we invest in wicker baskets, plastic boxes or low furniture and we find a place for each doll! We take the opportunity to sort and give the toys that no longer interests him and we leave some empty spaces so that the room remains tidy for more than two hours ... (we believe)

The right piece of furniture to store everything

2. We limit VOCs to the maximum

If at birth, we were careful to limit toxic fumes by using organic paints, Oeko-Tex® certified textiles and solid wood furniture, since then, loulou's room has experienced a real peak of pollution! In question, all plastic toys, chipboard bought in an emergency and all PVC gifts that loulou adores but which release these famous volatile organic components implicated in many health problems. So promised, we sort the toys again, we move to ecological cleaning and we favor environmentally friendly objects to the detriment of "made in China" too toxic ... I want a non-toxic room for my baby!

3. We update security

Not so long ago, when loulou was walking on all fours, the sockets had been fitted with a cover to prevent him from getting his fingers in it… but now that he's growing up, he may be madly wanting to hang from the shelf or practice jumping from the angel. So this year like all the others, we take another tour of the owner by examining in detail everything that can be dangerous when you are as tall as three apples.

Already a real daredevil!

4. We hunt mites

While more and more children are allergic to dust mites, their bedroom is generally the room in the house that harbors the most. And yes, not easy to vacuum with all these toys on the floor! But thanks to our first good resolution, we can now clean everything thoroughly. Winter or summer, we also think of airing every morning, we change the sheets every week, we avoid unnecessary carpets and we vacuum the mattresses every month.

5. You put your business at its level

Since he can walk, loulou is acquiring more and more autonomy every day. To support his progress, we make sure that he can reach the objects he needs every day on his own. We put his favorite books on a shelf at his height, we think of putting his pajamas and his socks in a low drawer, we install a coat hook at his waist, we store the toys at ground level and we don't hesitate to put drawers under the bed if space is lacking. The objective: that loulou be perfectly autonomous in his room!

A library at the height of a princess

6. We are inspired by the Montessori method

Always to develop its autonomy, this year, we take the time to take an interest in the method of Maria Montessori and to wonder what we could test in the room of loulou. We can for example put the mattress on the floor, offer it creative activities with recovery material, define a play area…

7. We arrange the room in several spaces

To encourage loulou to play in his room without over-stimulating him, we think of creating several spaces, even if the room is small and shared with a little brother or a big sister. A corner to sleep, a corner to draw, a corner to play, a corner to read and a large carpet to lie on the floor ...

We love the sleeping corner delimited by a triangle of painting!

8. We are ready for pajama parties!

This year, loulou has grown up and he will soon be asking for a sleepover! To be ready to welcome friends and cousins ​​for the night, we equip ourselves with an extra mattress to transform the bedroom into a dormitory in two stages, three movements!

First pajamas evenings…

9. We rethink the evening lighting

At any age, the bedtime ritual will be favored by soft and soothing lighting. We turn off the ceiling light, we light garlands and night lights and we only keep a small light to read the story of the evening…

Lighting for the evening ritual

10. We help them sleep well

Hush, it's almost time to sleep! To feel good in his little nest while hugging his comforter, loulou needs a bed adapted to his size, a firm mattress and a soothing environment. The room is tidy, the night light is on, and well sheltered in its cocoon, loulou also takes the good resolution to sleep all night ... in his bed. Yippee.

Good night !