Oriental-inspired decor: how to adopt it?

Oriental-inspired decor: how to adopt it?

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Oriental decoration: a colorful decoration

First thing to know if you want to adopt a oriental inspired decor at home: the oriental style is not a minimalist style! If you like refined and sober atmospheres, it is better to go your way, because in the East, we like pomp and things slightly flashy (but always in good taste).

The oriental decoration is therefore a decoration full of life, variegated, where one is not afraid to multiply the colors, the materials, the textures ... as long as it brings warmth! For this, warm colors are obviously in the spotlight: yellow, red, orange, pink, ocher, without forgetting green, blue… Don't be afraid to mix them and try to combine daring shades: as long as the colors are warm, the final result will always be harmonious!

A generous decoration above all

Second thing to remember if you want to build a oriental style interior at home: your decoration must be generous! Indeed, oriental culture is a friendly culture, where we like to receive guests for tea, afternoon tea or dinner. And the more people, the better!

This is why if you have to create a living room inspired by the Orient, you should not hesitate:

  • To multiply the seats. And as traditionally, in the East, we sit on the floor, prefer poufs (especially in worked leather) and rather low seats - for example small benches - to chairs and armchairs too high perched.
  • To cover the floor with carpets (obviously, berber rugs and Persians are highly recommended in an oriental decor) colorful: the less you see the initial floor covering, the better!
  • To garnish the benches and the floor with cushions, of all sizes and all colors to bring warmth and comfort.

What materials are in the spotlight in oriental decoration?

If you want to create a decor worthy of the Thousand and One Nights at home, know that it will be necessary above all to bet on:

  • Metal and wrought iron, whether for lamps, decoration (especially pretty lanterns in which we come to put candles for an intimate atmosphere), or even coffee tables to put tea and pastries that go with when comes the time for family and friendly celebrations!
  • Ceramics, THE flagship material of oriental decoration, because it is what makes all the dishes for tajine, couscous and other services. Full of color and decorated by hand, oriental tableware really has no equal for us to travel…
  • Zellige, these small Moroccan clay tiles painted by hand and which can be found on tables, chairs, but also on walls and floors.

A decoration in total look mode ... or not!

Even if the oriental decoration is a decoration that works very well in total look mode, know that it is quite possible to decorate a living room in the classic style with some exotic pieces, such as for example a Berber carpet or a leather pouffe. This will bring an extra soul and cachet to the room, but all in subtlety!