10 good resolutions for the dressing room

10 good resolutions for the dressing room

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In January, like every year, you decided to exercise, eat better and stop being late in the morning. But did you note in your good resolutions that it was time to optimize your wardrobe? Because even if this prospect is not wildly exciting, it is the best way to save time in the morning and feel light and efficient all year round! Come on, we get motivated!

1. I give what I don't put anymore

Above all, the top priority is to get rid of all the clothes you no longer put on and that you will certainly never put on. Otherwise why waste time storing and classifying useless clothes? So we put all our things on the bed, we do fittings and we honestly wonder if we really want to wear each item of clothing. Then, we make four heaps: the clothes that we keep and that we will put on often, the clothes that we keep but that we prefer to store (like ceremonial clothes and ski clothes), the clothes that we want to sell and those we give. Phew, we already feel lighter and we see more clearly in our business.

An airy dressing room to better navigate

2. I put away the summer clothes

If you haven't already done so, you can sort out between summer and winter affairs. Because it really does not bother to bother with shorts and flowing little dresses when it is 8 ° C, and even less big sweaters when the weather forecast is hot. So we invest in storage bags and covers that we slip under the bed, at the bottom of a closet or up, as long as we don't see them anymore!

3. I am cleaning up the closet

Normally at this point, your closet is more empty than ever, since all your belongings are still classified by stack. Take the opportunity to get ahead of your big spring cleaning by polishing in this place which very rarely sees the sponge and the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner, you will not regret it.

The perfect wardrobe!

4. I fold, hang and put away

Now it's time to put away! To better visualize your belongings, put everyday clothes at your fingertips, hang as many clothes as possible on hangers and put underwear and socks in dedicated compartments. According to his personality, we sort by colors (light on one side, dark on the other), by type of clothing (tops, bottoms) or by ready-made outfits (top + bottom). And if we really want to achieve perfection, we take the example of the international storage specialist, Marie Kondo! Put away your Marie Kondo wardrobe

5. I take care of my shoes

If your shoes pile up at the bottom of the closet or hang out in the hallway, it's time to act! Invest in a shoe cabinet or take the time to make one (our DIY ideas). Take the opportunity also to apply a polish and waterproofing spray on all the pairs. That's a good thing done !

A shoe dream!

6. I don't forget the mothball

It would be a shame if all these efforts were wiped out by a colony of hungry mites, right? So quickly, we replenish the stocks of mites, favoring natural solutions that make these mini-monsters flee while taking care of our health and the planet. You can choose from: cedar balls, lavender sachets, bouquets of thyme or bay leaves, pieces of Aleppo soap or even essential oils of thyme or cedar.

7. I want a dressing room that smells good!

If the smell of your natural mothproof is not enough to absorb the musty odors, also think of slipping bath salts or chalk on the shelves. Our 4 grandmother tips for a wardrobe that smells good!

All the details count!

8. I no longer lose my socks

Because we have to believe in it and act against the small problems that annoy us every day, this year, we put away our socks, we don't lose them anymore and we find pairs tidy in our wardrobe every morning. All our solutions!

9. I prepare my outfits in advance

That's it, your wardrobe looks like that of magazines (but is it possible?!) And a feeling of pride invades you, to the point that you painfully recreate a desire to post photos of your pants on Instagram? Well done ! Now keep your hand and get into the habit of preparing your clothes in the evening. You'll be ready to start each new day off right!

I choose my outfits in the blink of an eye!

10. I hide my wardrobe… or I show it

And now that your dressing room is perfect, you have two solutions left: make a few adjustments to hide this little corner of paradise from the eyes (you wouldn't want to be envious) or, on the contrary, succumb to the latest trend which consists in staging it on a pendant ... And why not both? Happy New Year ! How to hide your wardrobe?

The open wardrobe is trendy!