How to arrange a terrace?

How to arrange a terrace?

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Urban or country, XS or XXL: the terrace is an air bubble where it is good to relax, receive friends, dine, garden or simply enjoy the sun as soon as the weather arrives. So many reasons to arrange a terrace that ensures the visual and aesthetic comfort of its guests. All our advice and tips for creating an exceptional outdoor space.


- Arrange your terrace: put on outdoor furniture - Protect your terrace from the sun and vis-à-vis - Arrange a plant terrace - Arrange your terrace: we put the soil and walls in the spotlight - We do not forget not to take care of the lighting of the terrace!

1. Arrange your terrace: we put on outdoor furniture

The garden furniture is the first thing to think about when you set out to design your patio. Depending on the space we have, the layout and the lifestyle, we will choose: *A garden table (low or high) : essential to enjoy an extended summer meal with family or friends. Of course, we don't forget the chairs that go with it (if we haven't already fallen for the bench, see for the mix of chairs and bench) *A garden furniture or a bench : perfect for extending the living room on the terrace side and creating an outdoor space "like at home" ... but in the great outdoors! Once the terrace is dressed, we don't forget to accessorize it. Armchair, swing, hammock, chilean, sunbathing or decorative ladder crimped with planters are all strong pieces to bet on to always give more singularity to your terrace.

2. Protect your terrace from the sun and from vis-à-vis

To arrange a terrace without risking being spied on by the neighbor or catching a sunburn, masking the vis-à-vis and creating a shaded corner is essential. To do this, several options: *The parasol : simple and efficient. *The shade sail : in addition to offering a shaded area, it brings lightness to the decoration of the terrace. *The pergola or sunshade : whether it is bioclimatic, aluminum or natural cane, the pergola has the advantage of transforming the terrace into a real living room, beautiful lighting effects. *Openwork wooden screens and panels : they allow you to gain privacy while giving your terrace a very cozy decor note.

3. Create a plant terrace

Nothing is more effective in treating yourself to an oxygen bubble than green its terrace . We start with: *Planters and pots : garnished with plants, shrubs or flowers, the planters and pots sit on the ground, hang on the windowsill or hang at different heights of the wall to gain even more space on the terrace. *Climbing plants : like an urban (or tropical!) jungle, climbing plants make up a plant curtain particularly noticed on the terrace. *A vegetable patch : as long as you have a green thumb and a little space, you don't hesitate to dedicate a corner of your terrace to aromatics, cherry tomatoes and other fragrant wonders that can enhance your dishes.

4. Arrange your terrace: we give pride of place to surfaces

To arrange your terrace in the rules of the art, we do not forget to take care of the walls and the floor. If stone slabs and tiles are perfectly recommended for the layout of the terrace floor, the wood trend is not to be outdone. What better than wooden deck to compose a cozy and warm outdoor space. Those nostalgic for the garden lawn will opt for artificial grass, which will not displease the youngest. Finally, those who do not particularly want to invest in the coating of the terrace will opt for an outdoor rug, quite simply. We complete the layout of our terrace by attacking the walls that we will not hesitate to paint, color or coat to create the ambiance of our choice. If concrete provides a raw note that suits the most contemporary decor styles, natural stone, it breathes a very aesthetic mineral spirit. Very trendy, finally, wood, provides warmth and a natural atmosphere.

5. We do not forget to take care of the lighting of the terrace

The sun is declining… The time has come to light up the terrace to highlight your little corner of plant paradise. Light on the terrace lights. *Wall lights and pendant lights : essential to provide general basic lighting. *Candles and lanterns : multiply without complex to create a romantic and intimate effect at will. *Lanterns and bollards : are proof that a few accessories are sometimes enough to work miracles in decoration. *Light string : we make it run on the heights to gain the warm touch of the terraces in the guinguette spirit… Now that your terrace is furnished, all you have to do is light the barbecue!