Decorative ideas for a flea market style entry!

Decorative ideas for a flea market style entry!

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Weathered objects, vintage trinkets, vintage style and shabby chic inspiration: flea market style is not only reserved for our country houses. You can absolutely adopt it in an apartment or a house in the city center. You just need to know the codes. And choose carefully the furniture and decorative items that will bring cachet to our interior!

The flea market style is timeless. With the madness of vintage, garage sales and other online flea markets make it easy to hunt for antique furniture and vintage knick-knacks.

The key toa successful flea market style ? Have vintage furniture and collect objects! Made of odds and ends, it can be adopted in any room of the house. And why not set the tone at the entrance? Thanks to the advice of the editorial staff, you will be able to decorate your entry in flea market fashion, without fault in taste!

A country house doormat

Just arrived at the front door, we set the tone with a vintage doormat, of arty inspiration. Choose a model made only of worked metal, as they were found at the time in front of farms and country houses. Something to recall memories of another era, even before you have entered the door of your house!

A vintage-inspired coat rack

No entry without coat rack! On a stand or as a coat hook, to hang on the wall, the ideal vintage accessory to store your coats and other jackets while saving space in your cupboards.

For a flea market style, opt for a weathered model, in metal or wood. The hooks with balls dating from the 50s are also very trendy and look for each other quite easily. Prefer a model with a wooden board and hooks in aged metal, for the little authentic note.

Patinated furniture and decor

For an entry in the purest flea market style, it is necessary to have furniture and decorative items that look mottled. Nothing is better than furniture like a bench, a console or a weathered wardrobe. The wood - ideally clear - must be aged and show signs of wear.

As for decorative objects, metal or weathered wood are perfect materials to recreate this atmosphere. An old lantern in which a candle is burned, an enameled metal pitcher used as a vase, posters like enameled plaques on the walls ... Whether they are bargain hunters or not, these decorative objects contribute to the vintage atmosphere that emerges from your entrance!

A large retro mirror

Nothing likea large mirror to decorate and light an entrance. Patinated wood or aged metal models are the most beautiful effect for a flea market style.Take inspiration from the shabby chic trend: mirrors with a clear frame (white or gray) allow you to visually enlarge the room.

You can also choose a large window mirror, with a structure in aged black metal. Choose a model large enough to be able to put it directly on the ground, without having to fix it to the wall. Do not hesitate to complete the set with other vintage-inspired mirrors : sun mirror, barber mirror, Art Deco mirror, etc.

Collect old objects and family memories

Like a flea market, make your entry a real bric a brac of old objects. Whether they are bargain hunters or come from your family, the main thing is that they are vintage!

Among the objects which find their place perfectly in a flea market-inspired entry, we find silver cameras, old dial telephones, clocks or even old lamps, lantern style in metal or wrought iron.