These everyday objects that we too often forget to clean

These everyday objects that we too often forget to clean

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When we think of cleaning the house, we start with the essentials: furniture, floors, fridge, trinkets on the shelves, sheets to wash ... But there are also objects that we forget and that, however, we touches everyday. So dé has put together a list for you to think about and not let germs settle.

Everyday objects to clean throughout the house

There are three objects that the whole family touches on a daily basis, with more or less clean hands: switches , the door handles , the remote controls . A cloth dampened with multi-purpose cleaning product or white vinegar will be enough to clean them effectively once a week.

We think of dusting the TV ... But let's not forget to clean the remote control!

Everyday objects to disinfect in the kitchen

*Sponges : real germ nests with which we clean our dishes ... Needless to say, we must disinfect them regularly with a dose of bleach! *The cutting board : it is often passed underwater with a little washing-up liquid, but to avoid contamination of food, it is advisable if it is wooden to clean it with a little vinegar water, once a month or put in the dishwasher (if it is plastic). *Reusable shopping bags : it is better to keep them clean (passage to the washing machine from time to time if they are made of fabric is recommended) and store them in an open area. Avoid keeping them in your car trunk full of bacteria!

Regular cleaning of the cutting board with white vinegar guarantees better hygiene.

Everyday objects to clean in the bathroom

*Makeup brushes : cleaning your makeup equipment should be part of your beauty routine! For this, a little warm water and soap are enough to prevent bacteria from causing pimples and other clogged pores on your skin. *Hair brush : it collects various residues and all kinds of dust from your hair every day. Use a comb to remove the hair trapped in the hair, then immerse it, every week, in a bath of hot water with a few drops of shampoo. Your hair will only be cleaner! *Toothbrush holder : a toothbrush which has just been used often leaves water and residue in the toothbrush holder which tends to mold. To prevent germs from growing, a little hot water, a few drops of antibacterial mouthwash will do the trick. We finish by wiping with a clean cloth. Finally, remember also to clean your personal objects: telephone, jewelry, keyboard and computer mouse ... which are real nests of bacteria easily washable with a little white vinegar and a clean cloth.

Your makeup utensils also need their little beauty ritual!


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