How to make 100% natural candles?

How to make 100% natural candles?

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Banning candles containing petroleum derivatives and additives often means giving up the intense pleasure provided by an ambient candle ... The solution? Make your own candles! The editorial staff of dé gives you a 100% natural homemade candle recipe.

1 / Make a natural candle: the ingredients

* A small glass jar of the recuperated jam type. * Beeswax (found in organic stores and beekeepers). * A wick (or cotton thread). * A saucepan (or an accessory for a double boiler). * Wooden skewers (or pencils). * Optional: a few drops of essential oils with a flash point above 65 ° C.

Small kit for a DIY candle: wicks, natural wax and fragrances of your choice!

1 / Making a 100% natural candle: the recipe

* Insert the wax shavings in the small glass jar. * Place in a saucepan in a double boiler and melt until the wax liquefies. * Remove the pot from the bain marie. If you have chosen to add essential oils, now is the time to insert them. * Dip the wick in the wax and hold it in the center using skewers (or pencils). * Leave to rest for at least 3 hours in a cool place. The wax will freeze.

You can be proud of your candle, and watch it burn out with confidence!

3 / The recovering tip: give new life to your candles!

By reusing the leftover candles, it is possible to give life to a new 100% Recovered candle. To do this, simply replace the beeswax with ... leftover candles that you have previously scraped with a cutter. To find out more, follow the tutorial from the editorial staff of dé recycle and make candles. It's yours !

For more charm, put your candle in a nice colored glass: the decorative advantage in addition!


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