Sofa and coffee table: the winning combination

Sofa and coffee table: the winning combination

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What height for the coffee table?

An example of the ideal distance between sofa and coffee table.  

The rule is that the coffee table is at the same height as the seat of the sofa for comfort. Too high or too low, the poorly proportioned table will cause uncomfortable positions for the one who sits in front of it. So check the height of the coffee table, generally between 25 and 40 cm and avoid too large differences with your sofa. If you eat frequently on your coffee table in TV tray mode, you can nevertheless direct yourself to a coffee table with liftable tray. The most practical are those that allow to shift a tray in height so that the feet are not cluttered by those of the coffee table.

What size for the coffee table?

Once the height has been checked, you must also look at the size (and more precisely the length) of your coffee table in relation to your sofa. On this subject, there is even a formula: the length of your coffee table must correspond to ⅔ of the length of your sofa. In this way, you can place your coffee table leaving an empty space on each side to facilitate the installation of people on the sofa. It is preferable that symmetry is respected for better harmony. Finally, do not forget to leave a space of 30 to 40 cm between the sofa and the table so that circulation is not impeded and that the legs, small or large, have the space necessary to land.

What coffee table for a straight sofa?

Leather and raw wood: a beautiful, not so classic harmony.  

Now let's determine what are the different sofa configurations. The straight sofa, with 2 or 3 seats, is the most common. For this type of sofa, it is preferable to stay in a configuration where the coffee table responds geometrically to the sofa, that is to say a rectangular table that respects the height and length prescribed above. If the option seems too wise to you, you can also opt for nesting tables but, even when unfolded, they should not take up more space than your sofa. Finally, if you have enough space and several straight sofas in your living room, you can also purchase a square coffee table.

What coffee table for a convertible sofa?

In the case of a convertible sofa, the subject does not concern so much the shape as its ease of movement. Convertible sofas, once deployed in beds, often require moving the coffee table. If the latter is too large or heavy, you may regret it. We therefore limit our research to a low table that is made of light materials and we make sure that it can be shifted easily (without having to move it from one room to another). The last solution is to find a coffee table that is equipped with casters, which can work very well for example in an industrial style decor.

Which coffee table for a corner sofa?

Compass feet for everyone!  

The corner sofa or the sofa with chaise longue are configurations that are found more and more frequently. These arrangements allow several people to be seated on the same sofa without having to turn their heads to speak to each other. Thanks to this arrangement, we gain in comfort and conviviality. For other suitable basses, we can therefore afford different shapes. The round coffee table can in this case be a good option which will further increase the convivial factor in your living room.

And the style of sofas and coffee tables?

This sounds like obvious but it is important to remember that your furniture will be easier to combine if they have a similar style. With a Scandinavian style, we prefer fairly clean coffee tables, in light wood or white. For a more contemporary style, the lacquered coffee tables match well. Similarly, similar materials can be combined. For example, a wooden coffee table will work best with a sofa, the legs of which are also in the same wood species.


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