Plancha gas or electric?

Plancha gas or electric?

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For those who want to forget about cooking on the barbecue but who still want to enjoy cooking outdoors, the plancha solution is ideal. In full rise for a few years, the plancha does not stop converting more and more French. Manufacturers, for their part, are innovating to offer models that meet all the issues. As the market grows, it becomes more complicated to choose the plancha that best suits your needs. Among the specifics to be determined, the question of the food used is essential: plancha gas or electricity? What is the best solution ? Make the right choice by discovering the advantages of each.

The advantages of the gas plancha

Traditionally planchas are rather gas powered devices. This choice of energy corresponds well to the primary use of the plancha. It is a matter of being able to quickly and strongly heat a plate outside to cook food there. Gas burners have no equivalent in terms of heating speed and power. In general, gas planchas are therefore more powerful and faster than electric planchas. Another significant advantage, especially when you consider that it is an outdoor kitchen: the gas plancha is completely autonomous. It does not need an electrical outlet to operate, so you can have lunch at the bottom of the garden if you wish.

Indoors, we choose the electric plancha.

The advantages of the electric plancha

On the other hand, the electric plancha is only dependent on the presence of an electrical outlet which is quite easy to find. The gas plancha, on the other hand, is dependent on a gas cylinder. If you forgot your butane or propane, you can say goodbye to your meal. It is true that the connection to gas can also cool the heat of some. Even if today's security and installation systems have nothing to do with gas planchas before, some people fear using this kind of device. For those who only have a small balcony or simply without an exterior, the electric plancha is available as a table model. You will not have the same power as a classic plancha but you still keep the friendly spirit of this type of cooking. Finally, be aware that electric models are generally more economical to buy than gas models.