Arrange different spaces in a large garden

Arrange different spaces in a large garden

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You have a large garden: lucky people! Especially since the season for barbecues and lounging on deckchairs is open. But are you enjoying 100% of your green paradise? Dé gives you tips on how to set up different spaces in your garden: barbecues with friends, relaxation areas, a small vegetable patch and even a games area!

Create a relaxation area in a large garden

The garden stands out in our minds as a house extension , an invitation to live outside. We like to relax there, with a garden furniture, a few deckchairs, a parasol… We can see ourselves basking in the sun, taking advantage of this mild summer period, on the terrace. You can raise it or add plant partitions to create a real rest area. Today we find very nice garden furniture: chairs, a table, a bench, ottomans for a cozy atmosphere. Choose furniture that is easy to clean: natural rattan, rustic wood, precious teak, resistant aluminum or finally light plastic… take your pick! And for the decorative and comfort touch, opt for weather-resistant mattresses and cushions, with cheerful patterns and colors to happily accompany your summer. Add to that some lanterns hung on the tree branches, and why not a nice hammock to decorate the whole. Your garden will be warm and friendly!

Organized around a square coffee table, this garden furniture is an invitation to relax.

Create an outdoor kitchen in a large garden

The trend is for outdoor kitchens. We no longer prepare the meal inside to eat outside: today, everything is done outside. There are now real mobile kitchens , composed of modules with sink, plancha, shelves and even built-in barbecue! Aesthetic and functional, they allow you to cook like a chef in a convivial atmosphere directly on your terrace! As with interior kitchens, summer kitchens are available in different colors and materials (stainless steel, aluminum, exotic woods, etc.). Some outdoor kitchens are transportable thanks to their wheels and fit perfectly into an open veranda or a pergola. We can already smell the good smell of grilled meats!

An outdoor kitchen area to avoid back and forth in the house.

Create a playground in your garden

As your garden is large, why not create a space for (small and large) children? Book for the youngest a corner adapted to their games , to have fun in complete safety. We think for example of a slide, a swing, a trampoline, a playhouse for the children or even a clever sandbox ... You can also bet on colorful furniture at their size, a tent, or even a tree house. The idea: reserve a space just for them, almost forbidden for adults. And why not an adult play area? A ping-pong table, a pétanque area, a volleyball net: something to spend and laugh with friends!

A large sandbox, a life-size small house: welcome to your children!

Create a vegetable garden in your garden

The garden is a green paradise: choose flowers and plants that will live in harmony with each other. Get advice in store! But a large garden is also an opportunity to create a small vegetable patch: grow your vegetables and aromatic plants there. You cook your own fresh products! The vegetable suggestion: make lines of vegetables or fruit to better organize yourself (a row of beans, one of potatoes, a line of tomatoes, celery…) separated by aisles to take care of them more easily. If you do not want to see too big, you have the option of the vegetable patch or aromatic herb plants (basil, parsley, etc.). With all these tips, you will see, your garden will become the new room of your house!

To eat local, nothing beats a beautiful vegetable garden in the garden!