Before / after: create a bedroom area in a 25 m2 studio

Before / after: create a bedroom area in a 25 m2 studio

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By entrusting the renovation of his apartment to the Transition Interior Design agency, the owner of this 25 m2 studio launched a major challenge for the architects. The object of the mission? Redesign the studio space by creating a bedroom area separate from the living room that is as bright as possible. To do this, the architectural duo Margaux Meza and Carla Lopez thought of installing a claustra-style library as a separation. Result? The small soulless studio of 25 m2 has everything a big one! Area: 25 m2 studio Architects: Margaux Meza and Carla Lopez Agency:

Before: a 25 m2 studio with no soul, to be restyled from floor to ceiling

No storage, no separate bedroom, no rhythm, no continuity between the different elements ... This small 25 m2 studio, located a stone's throw from Asnières-sur-Seine train station was as gray as the sky of the Paris suburbs. A cramped loft bed sat at the end of the living room. The kitchen, the living room and the bedroom merged, without transition or continuity (hello privacy!). And that was without mentioning the kitchen furniture, as dated as possible or the floor covering which was no longer the latest freshness ... But that was before the new owner of the studio decided to entrust the renovation of his property to the architectural agency Transition Interior Design. Well he took it. The desire of the 26-year-old young man was to create a fully-fledged bedroom area. Tired of mezzanine beds, sofa beds and other sofa beds he simply wanted to sleep in a "real" bed. To do this, everything has been thought of and redone… from floor to ceiling.

Before the architects' visit, the small 25 m2 studio was sad and soulless.

After: an additional bedroom area in the small studio

To fit a room (with a real bed) in a room of 17 m2? Not that easy. And even more when the room has a single opening, across the width. The solution found by our alchemists of living spaces? A claustra-style library! And we say "low hat". This partial visual partition indeed makes it possible to dissociate spaces thanks to a very decorative optical effect. The perspective of the living room is fully preserved and the bedroom area benefits from natural daylight thanks to the library partition which acts as a filter. Here, the challenge launched by the owner is taken up with flying colors. Not only does the studio now have a sleeping area (and the owner has the pleasure of sleeping in a real bed!), But it also gains in depth and unity. The mere presence of the library partition in the middle of the space is enough to reinvent the volumes and draw beautiful graphic lines in the apartment.

The claustra style library: the clever idea to create a decorative bedroom area.

A refurbished studio with more storage space

By creating multiple shelves, the openwork library also helps to overcome the lack of storage, which is not negligible when you live in a small 25 m2. But the architects' imagination did not stop at a claustra-style library to create more storage space in the studio. Indeed, on the bedroom side, the bed has been raised on the platform to provide additional storage space under the furniture. To do this, the architects used Ikea kitchen cabinets which have been diverted from their usual use… quite simply! Thus, the raised bed does not only serve to delimit the intimate cocoon of the bedroom area ... It also serves to optimize the storage that was sorely lacking in the initial studio.

The studio has also gained storage space in the kitchen, the TV and living area.

The Scandinavian look in the spotlight in the studio!

When he commissioned the Transition Interior Design agency, the owner wanted a decoration in red brick and industrial canopy in an American loft style ... Error! To avoid suffocating the space, Margaux Meza and Carla Lopez recommended the young man a Scandinavian style. The images speak for themselves to prove them right… The materials, shapes and colors dear to the Scandinavian style are there. Light wood is present thanks to the oak parquet. We find him on the shelves of the library and the TV corner where he interferes with small touches. It is also found on the wall elements, on the furniture and even on the geometric wood effect credenza in porcelain stoneware where it is integrated with subtlety. The warmth and friendliness of the wood are tempered by the omnipresence of white which retains the light on the brick facing wall (Castorama), on the carpet (AM.PM) and the furniture elements with a Scandinavian look. The color is there, finally, to mark the spaces and strengthen the visual unity. We like the idea of ​​azure blue on the wall of the bedroom for a little more depth. We also like the idea of ​​Scandinavian rocking chair with rounded lines, placed in the decor as if to better create a break with the straight lines of the library-wall. Dressed in orange, he knows how to stand out ... A great achievement for this small space that sees life big.

Light wood, clean furniture, pastel tones: all the codes of the Scandinavian style are present in this small studio that has everything of the great!


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