8 tips to protect yourself from heat at home

8 tips to protect yourself from heat at home

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It's hot. Very hot, even. So if you don't have an air conditioner, these few common sense tips will make you lose several degrees in the house.

To protect yourself from the heat at home, block out the sun

The simplest method is to leave the shutters closed or ajar. If you don't have shutters, stick sun protection films on the windows most exposed to the sun. These filters reject 75% of the sun's heat and avoid using the air conditioning. The best film qualities even guarantee a negative carbon footprint.

Refresh the air like our grandmothers did

Place a damp sheet in front of the windows and spray it with water as soon as it has dried. By also moistening the soil, the freshness effect will be multiplied.

Turn off electrical appliances

Leaving the television or computer on standby consumes as much energy as if they were on, which generates heat (and increases the electricity bill). Turn off all devices as soon as you no longer use them.

Turn off the lights

Any light warms the atmosphere. In the middle of summer, get used to living in semi-darkness, which is quite pleasant in hot weather.

Install plants

Place flower pots in front of the most exposed facade and on the windowsill, remembering to water your plants well (preferably in the evening) to prevent them from roasting. For next year, plant climbing plants that will run on your facade. The greenery can lower the temperature of the walls up to 7 °. Green plants with large leaves inside the house will also help cool the air while removing carbon dioxide.

Plants help cool the air in the house.


Enjoy the night freshness by ventilating your accommodation. Open two opposite windows to let air in. Otherwise, a mechanical fan, even at low speed, promotes the evacuation of perspiration and can lower the temperature by almost 2 °.

Arrange water basins

They will cause a refreshing evaporation and you can soak your feet there occasionally to regulate your body temperature if you are really too hot.

And of course, drink and fan yourself!

Also refresh yourself from the inside by drinking a lot, preferably water at room temperature (ice cubes quench thirst). Run cold water on your wrists and take cold foot baths. Your body will be completely refreshed. Use a fan rather than a fan that consumes electricity. Any last advice? Do like the Japanese: do not go out without your parasol!


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