10 ideas to organize a romantic picnic

10 ideas to organize a romantic picnic

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Some people make the mistake of wanting to rhyme romanticism with luxury. Thus, a dinner with the love of his life could only be done in a star restaurant. What a pity ! Romanticism is actually far from that and you can very organize a romantic meal without having an unlimited budget. Take the example of a picnic, which can be romantic if you follow a few tips. If you follow these 10 recommendations for your picnic, you will have an unforgettable moment that will even make Cupid shudder.

The place

We start with the place because it determines the atmosphere you want for your picnic. First of all it doesn't need to be in full view for it to work. Above all, it must not be ordinary so that you are the only ones or almost having a picnic there. Avoid large parks and all places where there is a lot of traffic. The main thing is that you feel alone in the world: even your living room can be the ideal place for a romantic picnic.

Picnic watching the sunset

The light

Light plays a crucial role in providing a romantic atmosphere. If you prefer natural light, choose the sunset that creates the perfect setting. Another option is a dense forest that lets in some rays of the sun for a magical atmosphere. Finally, if your picnic is done at nightfall, plan on some soft lights such as candle holders, hanging lamps or lanterns. We preferably choose to place the lights high (in a tree above you for example) so as not to create disadvantageous shadows.


What differentiates an ordinary picnic from a romantic picnic is obviously the care you bring to the comfort of the meal. If the other feels embarrassed by a backache for example, your romantic speech is not likely to reach the goal. We therefore provide at least a tablecloth or a blanket to settle in comfortably. If you can afford it, choose a few cushions to put around you. This will encourage different ways of posing to feel really comfortable.

The sky, the sun and the sea… and a picnic!


As we said in the introduction, romanticism is not about money. Your precious commodity to offer to others is time. For this reason, it is important to cook the meal yourself, incorporating, if possible, your spouse's favorite dishes. We will be careful to choose foods that are easy to eat with your fingers without putting them everywhere. For example, consider cutting the watermelon into cubes to peck rather than slices dripping on the chin. And believe it or not, even sandwiches, provided they are made with love, can be romantic.

Watermelon, a great picnic idea as long as you cut it in advance!

The out of the ordinary drink

Normally a romantic picnic requires a sparkling drink but it can be off the budget and we don't necessarily need alcohol to celebrate a moment together. Again, the solution is homemade. If you push the attention to detail until you cook the drink yourself (like a lemonade or an iced tea house), you will inevitably touch the heart of the loved one.

The cooler

Champagne or lemonade, in both cases, you must above all make sure that you serve your drink at the right temperature. Finally, the most important budget item could be the cooler. If your place and your setting are romantic, you can spoil everything with a lukewarm drink and a sweating mayonnaise. It would be a distressing ending if this romantic picnic ended in a smeared stomach.

A pink drink, what could be more romantic?

Real dishes

Is it also necessary to specify that we put aside all the plastic dishes to make an effort of presentation? If you do not have the opportunity to take porcelain dishes and real glasses, then you will have to take care of the details. You can for example choose cardboard plates which are adorned with pretty patterns or create cardboard containers that you will have customized. DIY for this kind of event is always a good idea, don't be afraid to abuse it. Finally melamine tableware is also accepted provided it is in your theme.


As with any romantic date, the flowers should be there Don't be afraid to play it blue flower and bet on the other's favorite bouquets. In other words, it is not compulsory to present a vase of red tulips. The effect will also be charming with country flowers picked near the picnic site.

Flowers to tell him you love him

The little attention

The romantic picnic should always end with a little surprise like a personalized gift that you would have hidden in a towel. Again, the monetary value of the object is not very important, attention must first suggest that you know the person and their passions well. This can be a poem, his favorite cake or an impromptu photo shoot. The goal of all of this is to keep a memory of this romantic picnic.

Of love

But you already knew that!