The art of exploiting every corner in a small room

The art of exploiting every corner in a small room

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In a small room, every square meter counts! To fully exploit the space, you will need to show imagination and common sense in its layout. What are the tricks that can optimize the space in the room? We tell you everything.

The wardrobe bed, ideal for a small bedroom!

Perfectly mastering the art of trompe-l'oeil, the wardrobe bed is hidden inside a storage unit. Retractable, it frees up space once the night is over. It is therefore the ideal ally for small rooms! Some models are equipped with an electrical system. You just have to press a button to see the miracle happen: your bed folds back on itself, like a drawbridge that closes! Once the operation is complete, there is only a dummy cabinet occupying a small floor space. This is a clever way to optimize space in a small room!

At night, it's a bed, during the day, for your guests, it's a wardrobe, and your bedroom is a pretty boudoir!

The bed sticking out of the ceiling: great spectacle in a small room

Take the following test: invite one of your friends to enter your small room, and ask them to find your bed. He is unlikely to look up at the ceiling. And yet, this is where your cozy nest is hidden! BedUp has developed an ingenious system, which allows your box spring and mattress to be built into a false ceiling, thus freeing up the entire floor area. Thanks to this innovation, your small bedroom will have everything it needs! This is a spectacular and effective way to exploit every corner of a narrow room!

A bed that disappears from the ceiling during the day? BedUp's unstoppable tip for small rooms.

To optimize space in the bedroom, play with volumes!

Learn how to design your small room like a box, of which you must exploit all the interior volume. If the sliding drawers hidden under a bed are a classic, there are other more unusual and equally effective solutions, to overcome the lack of space. For example, hanging from the ceiling is a great way to take advantage of the verticality of a small room. You can also arrange wall niches, inside which you will place your trinkets and other photo frames. With all these tips, your room will suddenly seem much larger!

Wall shelves, wall wardrobes, single-storey mirror: mission to enlarge the space!


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