Maintain and renovate your metal garden furniture

Maintain and renovate your metal garden furniture

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The garden furniture is much talked about and for good reason, the time for spring has struck. Metal, like other materials, must go through maintenance and renovation sessions at the end of the winter season.

Rust, the first enemy of metal garden furniture

Metal garden furniture is usually finished with an anti-corrosion paint. Indeed, the first enemy of your metal furniture is rust. To eliminate it, several techniques are available to you. A special metal cream can be applied regularly. You can also opt for the wire brush by rubbing on rusty surfaces or sand with an iron wool. But THE ultimate anti-rust solution remains the good old recipe for Marseille soap and water: simple and effective. Good to know… To prevent rust and not cure it, we advise you to apply a rust-proof paint on your metal furniture.

Aluminum: a metal to care for

Stainless steel, aluminum is not immune to corrosion. To overcome it, you can clean it with lukewarm water. Aluminum garden furniture will also appreciate the passage of a color renovator. Indeed, sun, humidity and rain tarnish the colors and reduce the brightness of the outdoor furniture.

Iron: a metal to preserve

Having wrought iron garden furniture means choosing a durable and easy-to-maintain metal. But you still have to regularly maintain your garden furniture. For this, we advise you to brush it with wax three times a year.

Save painted metal

If your garden furniture is made of painted metal, water and Marseille soap will be effective. Attention, the sponge used for the renovation of your furniture must be wrung out. If stains, rust or other, persist, we recommend adding sodium hydroxide crystals.

Renovating painted metal

Avoid all types of chemicals, which are too aggressive for metal garden furniture. A simple tip can help you renovate your garden table, chairs and loungers: the oil used for food. The latter, with stripping power, is applied using a clean cloth.

Natural stain repellents for metal

If your metal garden furniture is stained, here is a foolproof tip: baking soda placed on a damp cloth. Then just dry the furniture and polish it. Another original and no less effective tip, the use of an onion to rub on rusty surfaces! Whether in wood, PVC or wrought iron, find a whole range of garden chairs on our price comparison service!