Candles through the seasons

Candles through the seasons

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Small and discreet, candles are nevertheless an essential accessory for a successful decoration. When night falls, their halos of warm light immerse the room in an incomparable soothing and relaxing atmosphere. But if their flames fascinate us throughout the year, candles are not used in the same way in winter and summer. Candles, instructions for use season by season!

In spring, games of transparency and floral scents

When the days get longer and the thermometer finally rises, the house is relieved of winter accessories to make way for a lighter and more vegetal decor. The holiday candles that were lit at the start of the evening a few weeks ago are replaced by scented candles with floral scents which let a delicate perfume of hyacinth, roses, verbena or herbs float in the air. cut. On the fireplace or coffee table in the living room, the large wax candles are stored to put candle holders in glass or white porcelain. In spring, the decor wants transparency, lightness and light! It's also time to bring out your tealights to float them in a large vase or glass yogurt pot: with an ivy leaf or a small cut flower on the balcony, the result is delightfully springtime!

© La Belle Mèche A candle that smells like spring, to light in the morning!

In summer, photophores to watch until the end of the night

In summer, the candles come out to illuminate the balcony and the garden for long evenings under the starry sky. It is the season of candle jars, braziers and campfires on the beach. In the garden, we like to float candles in a zinc bowl filled with flowers, we highlight an alley with a series of small candle holders, we hang a chandelier on a branch of trees for a romantic dinner… C ' is also the time to make your own mosquito repellent candles by floating a tealight candle in a jar of water with lemon eucalyptus essential oil, lemon slices and a sprig of rosemary. Inside, the scented candles dare the iodized scents, the smells of monoï and coconut, but also the fragrances of fig, tomato, jasmine ... Great gift ideas to offer to its guests, but also to slip in his suitcase to feel at home on vacation. In the garden, we love to play with fire!

© Ikea In summer, candles become nomads to light up the night

In autumn, candles to light up long evenings

From the first frost of autumn, the Hyddge trend returns to the front of the decor scene. In the purest Scandinavian tradition, we think of cocooning, soft plaids and candles galore! It's time to fill up with candles to warm up the atmosphere as the days get shorter. In the absence of a working chimney, a corner dedicated to the magic of the flames is created by accumulating five to ten candles of different sizes on a tray. On the scent side, the fragrant autumn candles smell of spices and cinnamon, bark and chimney fire, amber, cedar and leather ... With a cup of hot tea, a big pair of socks and a good book for sure, candles help us love fall. 10 ideas for using candles in the house

© Maisons du MondeThe pleasure of fire in autumn

In winter, candles warm the decor

Winter, which begins with the longest night of the year, is the preferred season for candles. In the center of the table, in the living room and even in the bathroom, their dancing flames bring light and warmth to the house. To forget the harshness from the outside, we fall in love with the scent of a fireplace, pine needles, love apple, cedar and gingerbread. For the rest, everything is allowed, from large chandeliers to chandeliers, including tealights and candles of all sizes. The only imperative is to ensure safety, ensuring that children cannot get near the flames and that any risk of fire is eliminated. For this we never leave the candles unattended and we think to extinguish them all before going to bed. Once these precautions have been taken, all that remains is to enjoy yesterday's long evenings by the flames ...

© H&M Home Holiday candles!


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