Baskets to store everything in the room

Baskets to store everything in the room

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1. Small basket Trebla, AM.PM., € 22.99 2. Basket in water hyacinth Ikoya, La Redoute Interiors, € 59.99 (now € 46.19) 3. Basket in Flädis seagrass, Ikea, € 9.99 4. Woven wicker basket Bazaar, Maisons du Monde, € 29.99 5. Rattan basket Branäs, Ikea, € 13.99 6. Gray basket Count, Fly, € 10.99 7. Basket in water jacynthe, Conforama, Mahi MM, € 20 8. Gray Prisma storage basket, Alinéa, € 12.99 Very decorative but above all very practical, accumulate baskets and baskets to store everything in your room. To be placed in the cupboards or left lying on the ground to hide everything lying around, you can see. If you like natural fibers, you will be spoiled because they have the wind in their sails! Thus, wicker, rattan, seagrass and water hyacinth are braided and tangled to form containers with handles, ready to be lugged. Neutral, colorful, embroidered or with tassels ... There is not only a basket or basket model that will make you fall in love! You can even try to customize your rattan basket thanks to our super tutorial!

Accumulate the baskets to put everything away and add pretty decorative touches!