All our ideas for a factory-style industrial style show!

All our ideas for a factory-style industrial style show!

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Do you dream of an industrial loft interior? For a lounge with a revisited factory look, we selected all the essentials of the factory style. Vintage, industrial, contemporary, metal and raw wood or patinated leather: with a tailor-made decor from floor to ceiling, the living room turns into a designer… but cozy living space!

An industrial metal suspension

A flagship piece of factory style, the metal pendant lamp sets the tone for the living room. Rather black or metal color, possibly vintage or rusty effect, it adds an industrial touch to the decor of the room. The secret ? A visible bulb, perfect above a dining room or living room table. And in the absence of suspension, bare bulbs at the end of their black cable, alone or in accumulation!

A wooden coffee table on casters

As for the coffee table, the factory spirit puts everything on solid, raw wood enriched with metallic finishes. The extra thing? The casters, in the factory cart casters version under a high-end table for purists, first-rate casters under stacked pallets for small budgets. In all cases, the industrial recovery spirit must reign. Perfect for a New York loft atmosphere!

A patinated leather sofa

The king of the industrial lounge is him, a patinated leather sofa as if it came out of the management office after years of use. The champion ? The Chesterfield sofa whose capitons perfectly retain the patina, emblematic of the factory style. Otherwise, any vintage leather sofa has its small effect, provided it is fawn, brown or black.

A factory wall clock

Is there a little something missing in the room to perfect an industrial decor? A metal pendulum is hung, from those that the workers watched out of the corner of the eye to watch the time of exit from the factory. Some are still in flea markets, although more and more popular ... but many brands offer revisited versions to adapt to each show!

A factory style metal shelf

Perfect for hosting books, trinkets and other decorations, the metal shelves evoke the factory and the industry. THE piece to refine the factory style, therefore. Especially since the thin amounts and the absence of a background make them light and easy to integrate furniture, in black for a real loft atmosphere. Plan B? We replace the shelves with factory lockers!

An animal skin rug

Strange but true, the most essential rug for a loft-style living room is none other than animal skin ... Since it evokes recovery and travel, cuts on concrete or metal and goes perfectly with wood ! Goat skin, cow or zebra skin, anything is possible, as long as the skin is vintage.

A designer table lamp

As always with the factory spirit, recycling is in the news. For the cozy atmosphere of the reading corner as well as for the industrial look of the living room, there are studio lamps, factory projectors or designer lamps of an industrial spirit: metallic, dark in color, imposing and / or articulated. As beautiful as practical, they are perfect next to the leather sofa!

A metal chair

The metal chair is a staple of the industrial loft style and the factory spirit. Depending on the configuration of the living room, it can slip into the office corner, in front of the dining room table or complement the patinated leather sofas ... A versatile chair with a design straight from the factory!


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